Scottish criminals ‘could be barred from entire cities’

Entire cities could become out-of-bounds for some criminals in Scotland under new laws which will allow police to monitor offenders with GPS tracking technology for the first time.

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Hackathons bring experts together to work intensively on new ideas

Scotland’s first Homeless Hackathon to offer digital solutions

It’s a modern concept to tackle an age-old problem. Digital experts, IT professionals and third sector workers are to gather in Glasgow to take part in what is billed as Scotland’s first ever ‘homeless hackathon’.

Dr Robert Hairstans, Associate Professor in Edinburgh Napier University's School of Engineering and the Built Environment

Dr Robert Hairstans: We’re building something new for construction by working together

A NEW way of thinking is needed if we are to attract our top ­talent to the construction sector and the ­challenges of shaping our built ­environment.

Cathy O'Neil will be among the speakers at the 2018 Data Summit

‘Weapons of Math Destruction’ author to speak at Edinburgh data summit

An American author who warned big data could increase inequality and pose a threat to democracy will be a keynote speaker at an industry event in Edinburgh next month.

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Stretchable health sensor could improve monitoring of chronic conditions

Stretchable health sensor to improve monitoring of chronic conditions

A new type of flexible, wearable sensor could help people with chronic conditions like diabetes avoid the discomfort of regular pin-prick blood tests.

Union Terrace, Aberdee. Picture: Wikimedia Commons

Full fibre gigabit-speed broadband to come to Aberdeen

Aberdeen is to become the first Scottish city where nearly every home and business can access gigabit-speed broadband, service providers have announced.

Edinburgh firms Artemis Intelligent Power and Quoceant secured a �2.5m grant to develop improved wave powered machines. A new report calls for an improved strategy to help such developments

Scotland needs strategy for ‘fourth industrial revolution’

Scotland should develop an economic and social strategy for responding to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, according to a new report.

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The Cora Ball promises to capture microfibres shed by clothes during washing to stop them going down the drain and escaping into the environment

Ilona Amos: Every time you do the laundry you damage the environment

That spandex cycling gear or go-fast jogging kit you can’t leave home without may be a great help in the battle to keep your body at the peak of fitness and physical perfection.

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Sin�ad Rhodes is an Emeritus Member of the Young Academy of Scotland and the founder of the RSE Young Academy of Scotland Research the Headlines project.

Sinéad Rhodes: Headlines can keep you informed – but we can help you drill down into the latest research

Have you ever made ­lifestyle or diet choices because of something you read in the paper?

FinTech Scotland is helping shape the future

The secret behind the open banking revolution in Scotland revealed

Our relationship with banks is changing and Scotland is emerging as a front-runner to embrace every new opportunity

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Scientists have been looking into how whole marine ecosystems respond to sudden influxes of CO2. Picture: Getty

CO2 ‘pulses’ threat to Scottish marine ecosystems

Scotland’s marine ecosystems may be more sensitive to carbon dioxide than previously thought, and could be damaged irreparably by the CO2 ‘pulses’ created by industrial activities, land run off or natural tidal processes.

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The chemical industry makes �3bn a year for the Scottish economy

Siobhán Jordan: R&D a crucial catalyst for chemical industry

It often comes as a surprise to people that Scotland has some of the most valuable chemical sciences research in the world.

The device was tested in Mennies, a well-known pub in Dundee. Picture: Robert Perry/TSPL

Students’ invention aimed at shaming ‘antisocial’ pub customers

A device which shows how many people are using their phone in a pub with the aim of shaming them into switching off has been created by a team of Scottish students.

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From left, Dave Bruinvels, Ann Bruinvels and Alice Farrell of Px HealthCare. Picture: Dave Fitch

Tech firms working to extend cancer survival rates by up to five months

Cancer patients in Scotland could soon be able to share symptoms with doctors in real time thanks to technology which aims to increase survival rates by up to five months.

The Data Talent event introduces students from Scottish universities to some of the country's biggest employers. Picture: Contributed

Mining the data – meet and greet gives jobseekers chance to show off skills

Scotland’s top digital technology students will be given a rare opportunity to make contacts with some of the world’s leading companies at a networking event in Glasgow.

The fund will be used to boost the tech sector in Stirling. Picture: Donald MacDonald

Stirling looks to boost tech growth with ESM investment

The first investment fund of its kind is to be showcased next week in Stirling.

Roddy Gow OBE, Chairman, The Asia Scotland Institute

Roddy Gow OBE: Brexit is making this government blind to an emerging raft of global problems

Whatever the expectations of this year’s World Economic Forum, probably the greatest ­outcomes were that Donald Trump’s “sales pitch” for his America First ­policy stayed on script.

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Screen grabbed image issued by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) from a television ad for Amazon's Echo Dot smart speaker which has been cleared by the regulator after it activated a viewer's own device and placed an order for cat food. Picture; PA

Amazon Echo Dot advert activated viewer’s device and ordered cat food

A television ad for Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker has been cleared by the regulator after it activated a viewer’s own device and placed an order for cat food.

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The reconstructed face of 'Cheddar Man' who lived in the UK about 10,000 years ago

Ayesha Hazarika: We need to talk more about immigration’s benefits

The most mind-blowing story of the year so far is Cheddar Man. The results of analysis of the 10,000-year-old’s DNA revealed he would have had these piercing blue eyes and dark to black skin. He sounds pretty hot to be honest – you could imagine him in a Benetton advert.

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The SpaceX Falcon Heavy launches at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida (Picture: AFP/Getty)

Martyn McLaughlin: Super-rich ‘philanthropists’ are usurping democracy

Today’s super-rich are not only aiding the work of government, they are usurping it, writes Martyn McLaughlin.

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