NEW GIRLGUIDING SCOTLAND BADGE HELPS GIRLS DISCOVER THEIR DIGITAL FUTURE - Picture by John Young /  Girlguiding Scotland has launched the country's first digital activity badge designed to encourage girls of all ages to develop the skills they need for their digital future.  The Digital Scotland Challenge Badge was created in partnership with Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and Education Scotland, and aims to empower every girl to make the most of the opportunities technology offers. Research by Girlguiding has highlighted that science and technology still continue to be perceived as more male subjects, with one in two girls saying science, technology, engineering and maths subjects were 'more for boys' while only 37% of girls said they would consider a job in tech.   The Digital Scotland Challenge badge aims to change those perceptions and will teach young girls about computers, algorithms, creativity, design, and computational thinking, as well as highlighting career options in the indust

Carla Gee: It is rocket science – girls encouraged to enter male world

Did you know that it’s ­International Day of Women and Girls in ­Science? Every year on 11 February, I and millions of others celebrate the achievements of girls and women in STEM (science, technology, ­engineering and maths) subjects who are leading the way and breaking down the barriers that hold many girls and young women back from entering this world.

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