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UK News
The UK Supreme Court meets today to consider the legality of the suspension of Parliament (Picture: Fiona Hanson/PA Wire)

Is Boris Johnson’s prorogation legal? Why Scottish and English judges don’t agree – and why it matters

In the distant past, parliament would meet when the monarch wished it. But the UK constitution has moved on from those days – at least in that the Queen exercises her power to prorogue parliament only on government advice. But events of the past few weeks have prompted questions about whether the prime minister can seek to suspend parliament at will, for any reason, and for any duration, writes Dr Asif Hameed.

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Gillian Black is a Property Law Partner with Urquharts

Gillian Black: New planning act will see more regulation of ‘holiday homes’ in the capital

There is without a doubt growing client demand for advice on short term lets, and that’s in part down to the volume and sheer diversity of activity in the sector. With the arrival of online businesses such as Airbnb, short term letting ranges from householders renting out their spare room on an ad hoc basis, to investors purchasing properties as holiday lets, all the way to companies that have the financial clout to buy up multiple properties, often in the same building, to run as a larger scale enterprise.

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