Rail upgrades are needed to stay on track in tackling climate emergency – David Spaven

Since First Minister ­Nicola Sturgeon declared a ‘climate emergency’ in April, the political agenda has been ­moving inexorably – albeit too slowly – towards a radical transformation of Scottish transport investment priorities. Last month, a collaboration of seven sustainable transport ­campaigns came together to make the case for a fundamental reprioritisation, “starting with an end to creating new trunk road capacity”.

Author Matthew Woodward at Jokhang Temple. Picture: Matthew Woodward.

From Edinburgh to Tibet on the longest and highest railways in the world

I imagine that you will, like me, be fascinated by that instinctive feeling that people call a sense of place; discovering that something historic has happened in the very spot that you’re occupying. The hairs on the back of my neck often stand up as I try to imagine that exact moment in time and its connection with me here in the present day. Taking advantage of this, I planned my adventure while sitting in a room in what was Channings Hotel and before that was once the Edinburgh home of Sir Ernest Shackleton. The simple connection of sitting and thinking in the same place filled me with inspiration.

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