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Dani Garavelli: Police Scotland firearms policy lacks scrutiny

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Dominic Grieve, who tabled the amendment, has contacted police about threats made to him concerning the vote. Picture: Justin Tallis/Getty

Euan McColm: Rage at rebels betrays panic of Brexiteers

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Students will learn what it takes to be a broadcast journalist

Gary Smith: Battle against fake news enters the classroom

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James Walker: With finances in a flurry keep your head


Leader: Taxing private schools won’t raise standards

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Stephen Jardine: Soggy sprouts and fun jerseys – it’s the office party

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Leader comment: As Brexit looms, Scotland’s low GDP growth is worrying

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Letter: tax concession to lower paid is "patronising and derisory"

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The head of George Heriot's school (pictured) has responded to comments made by Lord George Foulkes. Picture: Creative Commons

George Heriot’s head teacher: Foulkes is wrong, our school helps needy

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Russell Brand's new book, Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions is out now.   Bryan Derballa/The New York Times

Interview: Russell Brand

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Letters: Catalonia fallout will last a long time

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Time to invest in rail and let the train take the strain of lorry freight off our busy roads

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Drones are becoming increasingly popular

Air traffic control centre offers solid grounding in drone flying for students

The Young Emerging Farmers Initiative (YEFI) in Chitambo, Zambia

May East: Youth leading the way in growing income for Zambia’s poorest

The pelagic vessel, Grateful  taken by David Linkie

Ian Gatt: Feeding the world with fish in a sustainable industry

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