Donald Trump lashes out at FBI over Florida school shooting

President Donald Trump lashed out at the FBI, saying the agency “missed all of the many signals” sent by the suspect in the Florida school shooting and arguing they are “spending too much time trying to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.”

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Letters from St Kilda were launched in a waterproof box.

£15,000 price tag for washed up St Kilda letter

A rare surviving letter sent out to sea in the floating post box known as the “St Kilda mail boat” and found washed up on a beach in Norway has been put up for sale for £15,000.

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The marriage of Prince Nicholas and Alina Binder seems to have been a happy affair but the familys adventures in exile have been colourful to say the least (Picture: Sipa/Rex/Shutterstock)

Jane Bradley: The UK Royal Family have nothing on this lot

Cock-fighting, bitter feuds, a secret wedding, a Highland divorce, and a literary godmother, Catherine Cookson – Romanian royalty are, well, different, says Jane Bradley.

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Joe Zevuloni tends a makeshift memorial to honour victims of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. (Picture: Getty)

Timothy Egan: A kid just schooled Donald Trump on mass shootings

US voters must ditch politicians who fail to act on gun control at mid-term elections in November, writes Timothy Egan.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti, Antonio Rodrigue leaves after a press briefing about the Oxfam case. Picture: AFP/Getty

Fund-raisers face uphill struggle in wake of aid agencies scandal

If a clipboard-carrying charity fund-raiser ventures onto their local high street this weekend and asks the public to give generously to help people overseas, they may face a chillier reception than usual.

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High school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz appears in court with his lawyer Melisa McNeill in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Picture: AFP/Getty

FBI admits bungling warning on Florida school gunman

The FBI has admitted it was told that the Florida school shooting suspect could be plotting an attack, but agents failed to investigate.

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Kosovo still has not found someone able to write words of unity for Europes newest country without causing offence to one of its ethnic groups. Picture: AP

Wanted: Lyricist to pen unifying national anthem for Kosovo

Every country has a national anthem, a musical compilation that aims to stir patriotic emotion, and Kosovo is no exception – except its anthem has no lyrics.


Ten thought-provoking World Press Photo 2018 entries

From the far right in America to the Marathon des Sables, the World Press Photo competition can be relied upon to attract entries which may its viewers think.

Up to 100 Islamic State fighters could seek return to the UK

Up to 100 Islamic state fighters ‘could in theory seek UK return’

Up to 100 Islamic State fighters could in theory attempt to return to Britain, a senior counter-terror officer has disclosed.


Sir Billy Connolly backs Nelson Mandela statue campaign

Comedian and actor Sir Billy Connolly has backed a drive to raise cash for a statue in memory of Nelson Mandela.

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Former Scotland skip Rhona Martin watches as her team sweep to victory against Denmark, in the World Championships in 2000

John Harris: Why ‘chess on ice’ makes such gripping TV

The image of curling was transformed by Rhona Martin in the UK and The Simpsons in the US, writes John Harris.

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High school students embrace after America's latest mass shooting

Joyce McMillan: Mass shootings are deadly price of an Age of Unreason

Despite a mass shooting every 60 hours, the US refuses to act on gun control and such irrationality can be seen in attitudes towards climate change and other political issues – not just in America, says Joyce McMillan

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Oxfam has seen direct debit cancellations soar since allegations of sexual misconduct in Haiti emerged

Leader comment: We must not abandon charity

The allegations of sexual misconduct by charity workers should not stop us making donations.

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Scaif has confirmed the incidents have been dealt with and that stringent safeguards remain in place.

Scottish aid charity Sciaf confirms two child sex cases

A Scottish international aid charity has confirmed it has dealt with two cases of alleged sexual misconduct involving children.

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Custody image of Nikolas Cruz - At least 17 people are dead after a 19-year-old man opened fire at a high school campus in Parkland, Florida.
The suspect was Nikolas Cruz, a former student at the school who had been expelled.

The face of a killer: 19-year-old charged with Florida shooting

An orphaned 19-year-old with a troubled past and his own AR-15 rifle was charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder Thursday morning after being questioned for hours by state and federal authorities following the deadliest school shooting in the U.S. in five years.

Students released from a lockdown are overcome with emotion following following a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Picture; AP

Florida school shooting: What we know so far

This is what we know so far about a shooting at a high school in Florida which has left multiple people dead.

Students released from a lockdown embrace following following a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Picture; AP

17 dead in mass shooting at US high school

At least 17 people have died after being gunned down at a US high school in South Florida.

Michelet Louis holds his daughter Youdline, five, while looking over a camp for earthquake survivors in Tabarre, Haiti, in 2010 (Picture)

Kenny MacAskill: Tory outrage over Oxfam sex scandal is political

The Oxfam scandal is sad in so many ways, particularly, for the volunteers, staff and the organisation itself. Even more so, for vulnerable people in desperate circumstances who’ve been abused by those employed to help them.

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These are Pipers, not Peppers (Picture: Getty)

Leader comment: Red Hot Chili Peppers or Chilli Pipers?

“What’s in a name?” Juliet Capulet once wondered; she and Romeo were soon to find out just how much there can be.

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South African President Jacob Zuma

South African President Jacob Zuma resigns in national TV address

South African President Jacob Zuma announced last night he was resigning “with immediate effect”.

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