Scotland’s weather: Drivers told to stay off the roads

Police and ministers told motorists to stay off the roads across a swathe of central and southern Scotland today after a new amber warning for heavy snow was issued.

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Scientists discovered worryingly high levels of plastic waste at Scapa Flow. Picture: Scapa Flow Wrecks

Plastic levels at Scapa Flow ‘similar to Forth and Clyde’

The amount of plastic waste found on beaches around Scapa Flow in the Orkney islands is similar to that in industrialised waterways such as the Clyde and Firth of Forth, research has shown.

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US billionaire Mike Keiser wants to create a world-class golf course at Coul Links in Sutherland, which is a designated site of special scientific interest and home to rare wildlife

Controversial Highland dunes golf course moves a step closer

Controversial plans to build a world-class golf course on ecologically important sand dunes in the north of Scotland have taken a step forward after a key objection from the national environmental watchdog was resolved, according to developers.

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Vehicles are seen stuck in traffic on the M74 in Dumfries and Galloway

‘No-one came to check on us’: Motorists relive horror night stuck in Scottish snow

Many motorists spent the night on the M74 in Lanarkshire after heavy snowfall, relying on Twitter and radio reports for updates.

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Phelps undergoing his hydrotherapy. Picture: Scottish SPCA

Rescued baby hedgehog receives hydrotherapy from Scottish SPCA

Meet Phelps, the young hedgehog who is currently undergoing hydrotherapy under the supervision of the Scottish SPCA.

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New studies have show native Scots pines are more at risk of disease in forests where they grow near foreign pine species. Picture: Richard Ennos

Call to fell alien trees to protect native Scots pine

Foreign pine species should be felled from forests where they are growing near Scots pines to cut the threat of spreading potentially fatal diseases to native trees, according to experts.

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Scotland’s weather: snow causes crashes and school closures

Wintry weather has caused several road collisions in the Highlands and Strathclyde as motorists face treacherous driving conditions, while dozens of schools have been closed.

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Boris Johnson says NHS £350 million Brexit pledge was 'underestimated.

Boris Johnson has said the Brexit campaign's highly controversial claim that leaving the European Union would mean Britain gets £350 million extra a week to spend on the NHS was an underestimate.

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Flowering plants have evolved and spread to dominate the botanical kingdom - now scientists believe they know the secret to this success

Ilona Amos: Could Earth become a world without flowers once again?

In the dim and distant past our planet looked very different than it does now. I’m talking hundreds of millions of years ago, before even I was created.

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Incholm Abbey from the sea during sunset. Picture: TSPL

Climate change threatens historic landmarks across Scotland

Some of Scotland’s most historic landmarks have been judged at very high levels of risk as a result of climate change.

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Winter in the Highlands can be absolutely gorgeous

Kirsty Gunn: Beauty of calf in snow, horror of vacuum-packed ‘baby’

The weather in Sutherland was absolutely gorgeous recently. You get no sense of this from the various weather reports, of course – all those “wintry showers” and “colder in the north” missives that come through on the radio and over the phone are just generic.

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The S3 pupils during their lesson. Picture: Facebook

Scottish high school sparks debate over pheasant-butchering lesson

A teacher at a Scottish school has sparked fierce debate among parents after getting children in the class to prepare pheasants for eating.

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Kiaeria glacialis, a rare alpine-arctic moss, growing at Garbh Uisge Beag in the Cairngorms

Cairngorms in bid to save rare plants from last ice age

As rare and unique plants living on some of Scotland’s highest mountains face a desperate fight for survival in the face of climate change and increasing pressures from human activities, a new project has been launched in the Cairngorms to save them.

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The Scottish Government plans to ban plastic-stemmed cotton buds

Scotland’s bid to ban plastic stemmed cotton buds

Scotland is to become the first country in the UK to ban the manufacture and sale of plastic-stemmed cotton buds in a bid to protect the environment.

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The Scottish Government plans to ban plastic-stemmed cotton buds

Leader comment: The issue that’s uniting the Tories and the SNP

We have always had an instinctive idea that there was something slightly unpleasant about plastic. One definition of the word in Chambers dictionary is “artificial, lacking genuine substance”, which has a certain irony given its ability to wreak havoc in the natural world for millennia.

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The Prime Minister this week made a major speech on the environment, outlining her 25-year plan, which, amongst other things, committed her to tackling the scourge of plastic pollution.

Willie Mackenzie: Holyrood surpassing Westminster in plastics fight

The Scottish Government is moving ahead of Westminster in the fight against plastic pollution, writes Greenpeace campaigner Willie Mackenzie.

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Nicola Sturgeon has lashed Prime Minister Theresa May over her 2042 deadline for eliminating 'avoidable' plastic waste. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Nicola Sturgeon blames Theresa May for lack of urgency on plastic pollution

Nicola Sturgeon has criticised the UK Government for a lack of urgency on tackling the scourge of plastic pollution.

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Picture: submitted

Creatures from the deep wash up on Scottish beach

Wildlife experts and locals were left confused and excited after a collection of unusual deep-sea creatures washed up on an east coast beach.

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Anti-fracking groups from around Scotland gather to demonstrate outside the Scottish Parliament (Picture: PA)

Bill Jamieson: We should think again about fracking – and here’s why

There are some worrying signs for the long-term supply of energy in Scotland so it makes sense to reconsider fracking, writes Bill Jamieson.

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Prime Minister Theresa May. Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Theresa May pledges to eliminate UK’s plastic waste within 25 years

Prime Minister Theresa May will pledge to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste within 25 years as she unveils the Government’s long-term plan for the environment.

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