In pictures: 20 of Scotland’s most stunning sea stacks and where to find them

SCOTLAND’s shores offer a wide variety of dramatic clifftops, awe-inspiring inlets and stunning seaside stacks and arches.

Kearvaig Bothy near Cape Wrath on Scotland's north coast (Photo: Flickr / Jakub Solovsk)

7 Scottish bothies on beaches - and how to find them

Living by the sea on a tranquil beach is a dream for many - you can make it a reality by visiting one of these free to visit, seaside bothies.

View of Clach Leathad (Creise) taken from the top of the Glencoe Mountain ski resort PIC: Iain Ramsay-Clapham

New freeride event tests the mettle of Scotland’s best backcountry skiers and boarders

It usually takes something a bit special to win the Coe Cup, the annual freeride ski contest that’s been held at Glencoe Mountain resort since 2012, and this year Conall Strickland certainly went the extra mile, landing an enormous backflip to claim first place in the men’s ski category. After making a smaller drop at the top of the competition face – Glencoe’s notoriously steep Flypaper – Strickland bled off some speed with a couple of quick turns, pointed his skis towards a ten-foot high rock outcrop and then, as the ground disappeared from underneath him, launched into what looked like (but almost certainly didn’t feel like) a slow, graceful arc, allowing his skis to rotate all the way over his head before thumping back down onto the snow.


9 of the best white sand beaches you won’t believe are in Scotland

Forget the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, Scotland has incredible white sand beaches scattered around its coastline, rivalling any found around the world.

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Head off the beaten track with one of these Edinburgh trail runs (Photo: Shutterstock)

5 of the best trail runs in and around Edinburgh

Leave the pavement and cobbles of Edinburgh behind, and head off-road with one of these trail runs in and around the city.

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Kelvingrove Park is a great space to work on your Personal Best (Photo: Shutterstock)

5 of the best 5k running routes in Glasgow

Preparing for a race or working on your personal best? Try one of these Glasgow 5ks.
Crail to Anstruther is a popular Fife walk (Photo: Shutterstock)

6 of the best walks in Fife with pubs at the end

A day out exploring the beautiful scenery of the Kingdom of Fife followed by a visit to one of its inviting inns is a day well spent. Try one of these Fife walks and earn your next pint.

Edinburgh is a runner's playground (Photo: Shutterstock)

5 of the best 5k running routes in Edinburgh

Whether training for a race or simply trying to keep fit, there are plenty of fun running routes to try in Edinburgh. Here are some of our favourite 5k runs in the city.
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The Ring of Steall is a ferocious circuit of four Munros which can be climbed in a single day (Photo: JP)

6 walks where you can bag multiple Munros

There's only one thing better than ticking off one Munro in a day: bagging several in a single outing. Test yourself with one of these challenging, but rewarding routes.

Video: A guide to outdoor swimming in Scotland

Open-water swimming is a shock to the system at first, but once you acclimatise the accomplishment is euphoric.

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Stretch your legs at the Royal Botanic Gardens and follow it up with a walk to the Shore where you can reward yourself with a pint (Picture: Shutterstock)

5 of the best walks in Edinburgh with pubs at the end

Auld Reekie has glorious scenery and atmospheric pubs in plentiful supply. Combine the two by rewarding yourself with a pint after a city walk.
The Eildon Hills path is a short but challenging walk for those with intermediate experience

Five walks in the Scottish Borders with pubs at the end

Feel the need to stretch your legs?


In pictures: 15 of the best views in Scotland

With rugged mountains, peaceful lochs and unique cities, Scotland has an embarassment of riches when it comes to scenery. Here are 15 of the country’s finest views.

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Josh Christopherson has made history by becoming the first Scot to reach the final of the European Surfing Championships PIC: Tim Christopherson

Interview: Dunbar bodyboarder Josh Christopherson on making Scottish surfing history

I’m not really that into competitions,” says Dunbar-based surfer and bodyboarder Josh Christopherson. There’s nothing particularly controversial about that view – lots of people are attracted to surfing precisely because you don’t need to do it competitively in order to enjoy it. It sounds odd coming from Christopherson, though, because he recently made history by becoming the first Scot ever to reach a final in the European Surfing Championships – an event first held in Jersey way back in 1969. These days the contest is better known as Eurosurf, and the 2017 edition took place last October in the beachbreaks around the village of Bore in southern Norway. Christopherson didn’t just make it to the final in the bodyboarding category, he also picked up one of the highest individual wave scores in any category along the way. You might reasonably expect somebody competing at such a high level to relish the adrenaline of fiercely-fought 20 minute heats, but contests just aren’t Christopherson’s thing.


Video: Ten island paradises to visit in Scotland

If mainland Scotland is a hive of activity and culture, the islands are tranquil paradises waiting for your arrival.

The Slide will open at intu Braehead in Glasgow. Picture: Climbzone

UK’s tallest indoor slide comes to Glasgow for Easter

Just in time for the Easter break a shopping centre in Glasgow will open the UK’s tallest indoor slide.

Glasgow & Strathclyde

Video: Scotland’s lochs in facts, figures and useless information

Nessie steals all the headlines, but did you know Scotland has another prehistoric monster lurking in one of its many lochs?

The ScotRail Alliance will pay out 100,000 per year for the next four years to local communities who want to improve their railway station for cyclists

ScotRail Alliance to invest £400,000 in cycling facilities

Scotland's railway stations will soon be made more bike-friendly, thanks to a new initiative.
According to local legend Finnich Glen was once visited by the Devil. Fear not though today the steep-sided glen is merely the perfect destination for a spring walk.

6 walks to try in Scotland this spring

As the winter's snow slowly, but surely, makes its retreat up to the tops of the country's highest peaks, wildflowers have started to introduce flashes of colour to the Scottish landscape. Enjoy the country's new lease of life with one of these fine spring walks.
Picture: Kinclaven Bluebell Wood in Perthshire, Julie Howden/WTML

12 of the best bluebell woods in Scotland to visit this spring

It may be the end of snowdrop season, but this means it is almost time for the Bluebell to reign supreme in Scottish woodlands

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