Scotify: 18 Spotify playlists full of music made in Scotland

What will your next listen on Spotify be? What will your next listen on Spotify be?
What will your next listen on Spotify be? | insta_photos -
If you're looking to discover - or rediscover - music made in Scotland, Spotify can help.

With the majority of fans now getting their music from a streaming service of some sort, it can become easy to become stuck in a cycle of the same old songs.

But if you’re looking to listen to something from a little closer to home, then Spotify can help. Scotland is home to many excellent musicians, big and small, and Spotify have pulled together several playlists bursting with music.

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Whether it’s their curated playlists or their algorithmically generated mixes you can find almost every genre of music made in Scotland on the platform.

So here are 18 Scottish playlists made by Spotify worth listening to.


The goal of Scotify is to introduce listeners to the best new alternative music from Scotland – think Chvrches, Alex Amor, Shambolics, and more.

Made In Scotland

For a playlist which spans genres and includes many instantly recognisable names such as Calvin Harris, Paolo Nutini, Gerry Cinnamon and other such as Primal Scream and Annie Lennox, Made in Scotland is the playlist for you. It’s a great “best of” introduction to music from Scotland.

We are Glasgow

The We Are Glasgow playlist is full of artists from the city, including music from the likes of Fatherson, Joesef, Dead Pony and The Snuts.

Traditional Scottish Folk

There’s also the Traditional Scottish Folk playlist which is described as music “from the Robert Burns songbook and beyond”.

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Edinburgh Indie Mix

Moving into Spotify’s Mix playlists, first up is Edinburgh Indie. These playlists will populate full of music which fits the Edinburgh Indie brief yet will be customised to your own personal taste in music.

Scottish Folk Mix

Not a niche genre, however Scottish Folk picked based on your music taste could encompass anything – perhaps Peat and Diesel, Elephant Sessions or even Iona Fyfe.

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Scottish Indie Mix

From Cocteau Twins and The Jesus and Mary Chain to Belle and Sebastian to Frightened Rabbit, indie is certainly one of the most popular genres to emerge from Scotland which means there is a wide variety which could be included in the Scottish Indie Mix depending on your likes.

Scottish Pop Mix

Scottish Pop music picked just for you,” is how this mix is described. Perhaps some Proclaimers, Aztec Camera or Orange Juice will find their way into your playlist.

Gentle Scottish Folk Mix

Not to be confused with the Scottish Folk Mix, this is the Gentle Scottish Folk Mix – one of Spotify’s niche genre mixes which can match the mood you’re trying to create a little more closely.

Orkney and Shetland Folk Mix

More folk music, this time packed full of tracks which originate from the Islands. in the Orkney and Shetland Folk Mix.

Scottish Gaelic Folk Mix

Gaelic music is certainly a niche genre of music for some, which is why the Scottish Gaelic Folk Mix on Spotify could help you discover more even more artists.

Scottish Jazz Mix

Another genre which has a host of talented musicians hailing from Scotland is jazz. From those who you already know to new projects and releases this mix could help you find your next favourite.

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Slow Scottish Folk Mix

Again – not to be confused with Spotify’s Gentle Scottish Folk Mix, the Slow Scottish Folk Mix can serve an even more calm selection of songs.

Scottish Punk Mix

An interesting mix of lyrics, locations and sometimes accents coming through, Spotify’s Scottish Punk Mix is sure to introduce a wide variety of artists to those streaming it.

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Scottish Metal Mix

With exports such as Alestorm and Gloryhammer from Scotland, the Scottish Metal Mix is bound to include old favourites alongside new discoveries.

Scottish Electronic Mix

Whether you’re getting ready for a night out or just in need of something upbeat, there are many excellent Scottish artists making electronic music.

Scottish Techno Mix

A subgenre of electronic music, for those really after heavy beats to dance along to the Scottish Techno Mix may be more what you’re looking for.

Ceilidh mix

Given that this is a personalised Cèilidh music playlist, results on its efficacy at a Cèilidh may vary. However, it is likely to provide a fun and interesting mix of genres.



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