There is a massive opportunity for Scotland to become a global centre for the crypto community, says Freer. Picture: Stewart Attwood

Nick Freer comment: Will Facebook’s Libra scale up to disrupt banks?

I remember drinking a pint of ale in the West End of Glasgow a couple of years back in a pub where you could pay for your drinks by Scotcoin – an alternative to Bitcoin – via a smartphone application. I even had some Scotcoin in a digital wallet although I fear I have misplaced it somewhere in the ether that is the web. I remember hearing from someone more in the know on all things cryptocurrency around that time that there were only a few thousand people globally who really understood the workings of blockchain technology.

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How machine learning is being used to tackle internal cybercrime threats

Cyberattacks, and particularly stories about hackers, cybercriminals, malware infections, and other external threats, continue to be at the centre of the news agenda. Headlines about the loss of millions of data records as part of a security breach, and the potentially devastating consequences of a cyberattack are a common occurrence.
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Jude Cook, chief executive and co-founder of ShareIn. Picture by Chris Watt.

Eight Scottish fintech companies to watch

The fintech future looks bright in Scotland, with many young businesses finding their niche. David Lee identified those really making an impact – and then asked them about their greatest success, biggest challenge and their future ambitions.

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