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How Scottish fintechs are helping to solve financial pain points

Despite some scepticism surrounding the young industry, driven partly by a lack of understanding, even the cynics will be won over once they realise it’s all about making our everyday experiences simpler – and much less expensive, writes David Lee

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One of the food banks run by the Trussell Trust. Picture: Neil Hanna

Bethany Biggar: Good Food Nation shouldn’t need handouts

I’ve worked on the frontline of Edinburgh’s food banks for more than three years and what I have seen, particularly in the past few months, is really worrying. The food banks have become much, much busier – the fight just to survive is becoming visibly harder for people.

Chief executive Mark Warne said DeepMatter, which digitises chemistry experiments, had a transformational year. Picture: Contributed

DeepMatter eyes jump in users of its technology

A Glasgow-based firm that has developed a cloud-based platform to record and share the results of chemistry experiments has seen annual losses rise as it focuses on widening its user base and starting to generate revenues.

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