Debits often don't match orders. Picture: Getty

Online complaints vie with blasts from the past

Lots of things drive people to make complaints. It’s not just businesses or industries getting things wrong (though that’s the main one). Sometimes it’s a small problem that got bigger, like not being able to speak to someone at a business to sort out a minor issue. Some enlightened businesses actively encourage people to talk to them. And let’s not forget the activities of those fee-charging complaint management companies that are actively encouraging people to make complaints for cash – and not doing very much while cashing in.

Retailers estimate that 10 per cent of items sold online and 9 per cent of all items sold in-store are returned by customers. Photograph: PA

Many happy returns? Not for much longer as retailers clamp down

As shoppers, we appreciate the convenience of sending something back if it isn’t quite right. But with some people stretching the rules, retailers have been clamping down on their returns policies lately and becoming more strict about customer behaviour that isn’t acceptable. Some have been sending warning emails to customers about their behaviour.

First Bus

FirstGroup board under pressure ahead of AGM

The board at FirstGroup, the Aberdeen-headquartered bus and rail giant, is this week expected to issue a robust defence of its performance as it faces growing pressure from an activist investor calling for changes at the group.

We need to invest by enthusing children with the possibilities of engineering from the earliest ages. Picture: Malcolm Cochrane

Comment: Kids are key for manufacturing to thrive again

There’s a general misconception across Scottish and British society that the manufacturing industry is on the retreat and can never be what it once was. The fact is, manufacturing is still very much alive and the future can be one of extraordinary opportunity – but only if we go about things very differently.

Since it was set up, DIT has worked tirelessly to promote Scottish exports, says Fox. Picture: Crown Copyright

Liam Fox comment: Destroying the union won’t help firms prosper

A visit to Glasgow always has a special resonance for me. It is the city where I went to ­university. It is where, in Glasgow University Union, I cut my political teeth in its famous debating chamber. And it is the city where, at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, I spent my early years as a junior doctor.

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