GLORIOUS 12TH PREVIEW PHOTOCALL , GROUSE SHOOTING Horseupcleugh, Berwickshire.   ESTATE OWNED BY Robbie Douglas Miller FORMERLY OF JENNERS.     Ian Elliot - Grouse Keeper at Horseupcleugh , pictured with a gun and pointing dogs , on the grouse shoot.  posing with a gun.  , PICTURED WITH ADAM SMITH - WITH POINTING DOGS ,  HE IS THE , GWCT Policy Officer      PHOTO PHIL WILKINSON / TSPL

Bruce Russell: Don’t grouse about sporting moors – they are important for conservation

Globally, heather ­moorland of the sort maintained for grouse shooting is among the rarest habitat types with the ­highest conservation designation. However, many moors were not designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest in spite of being grouse moors, but because they were grouse moors. They are current and future wildlife refuges illustrated by the fact that critically endangered waders still thrive on them.

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