If you move house, particularly if you switch from one council area to another, it's easy to forget that you can claim back the credit you are in because council tax is paid in advance.. Picture: Getty

It’s worth checking for council tax discounts – Martin Lewis

Bravo Wales! Those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, strokes and more, may be due £1,000s of council tax rebates if they live in Wales. People living elsewhere in the UK are being left in the lurch. Yet this isn’t the only hidden council tax saving. There are 100,000s across Britain paying far more than they need to.

I should never have to ask someone pitching: 'What exactly is it that you do?', says Deborah Magid, investor panellist at EIE 2019. Picture: Contributed

Comment: Investor pitch? Here’s what we really want to know

I have been coming to Engage Invest Exploit (EIE), the technology investor showcase that takes place in Edinburgh every year, since the very beginning, when it was a small event with only around 150 people in a hall. It’s now so popular that people come from all over the world to attend. There is a reason I come back each year – everything about the event is extremely well done, especially the way they coach the companies.

Open banking ensures that the UKs nine biggest banks release data in a secure form

Race is on for open banking

Technology has totally transformed personal banking, but providers must strive to beat the competition, writes Caroline Stevenson.
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