Miss Scotland, Keryn Matthew, talks at the 'Let's Call Periods, Periods' campaign

Let’s call periods, periods – Keryn Matthew

Why is it always the most embarrassing moments that stand out in our memory? I can still remember being 15 years old, fumbling in my bag to find my purse only to yank it out and simultaneously send a ­tampon flying across the checkout – immediate silence ensuing from the teenage boy working on the till as we both stared at the brightly coloured wrapper in horror.

Forced labour slavery case pictures

Could slave labour have made your Valentine’s Day gift asks Andrew Bevan

Are you one of those people who make a fuss of your partner on Valentine’s Day? Me too – but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to know what to buy. That’s because today, as we show love to those we cherish, many of us will – unintentionally – give or receive a gift made by someone in slavery. Chocolate, roses and ­jewellery are some of the nation’s favourite ­Valentine’s gifts, and yet the bitter truth is that slave labour could have helped produce them.

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