Last light on the mountains

Wilderness therapy benefits troubled teens, but what about parents? – Andrew Russell

It’s amazing what time in the wilderness can do. When we first met A, she was nervous, suspicious and clearly intent on ­keeping us at arm’s length. She’d come to us as part of our Venture Mòr Wilderness Therapy programme – offered to young people who are ­having trouble engaging with or accessing mainstream services and who want to make sense of what’s going on for them emotionally.

Paul Walton, Head of Habitats and Species, RSPB Scotland

Paul Walton: We can do something about global warming and extinction – but we need to act now

The opening decades of the 21st century have brought political and social upheavals which affect everyone and show no signs of abating. Our impact on the environment has become a ­ubiquitous reality. Nature everywhere, even in the deepest oceans, is subject to pressures from unsustainable human behaviours and over-consumption. The twin ­global crises of climate change and ecological damage have become manifest during our lifetimes, and the future of all life will depend on our next steps.

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