Taking the arts out into the community can show young people that creativity can be an opportunity for confidence and positivity

Sarah Balfour: Turning a crisis into drama – how an arts centre set me on a new path

I first bit Macrobert’s hand off approximately nine years ago. At school I was given a taste of how liberating drama could be. In a way it was the proverbial lifeboat in a raging sea of awkwardness. I was still me, yet, amazingly, I found that I could articulate. I could be ­anything and anyone. Give me a script or a scenario and I could be someone confident and bubbly who could act and dance and si... – well actually no, still couldn’t sing. One step at a time, right?

Detail from Freezing Over by Donald Provan, at the Open Eye Gallery

Art reviews: Marian Leven & Donald Provan, Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh

Based in Tayport and a graduate of Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Marian Leven could perhaps be described as an east coast artist, but the paintings on show at the Open Eye were inspired by an area of coast in the north-west of Scotland. She has made a beautiful exhibition out of the analogy between watercolour – the way it moves and its transparency – and actual water, of light on water, of the waves and the tide over the shore, but also of the atmosphere where water is suspended as vapour in the air.

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