Ruins of Cammo House. Image: Adobe StockRuins of Cammo House. Image: Adobe Stock
Ruins of Cammo House. Image: Adobe Stock | hicham -

Edinburgh forest walks: 13 of the best woodland trails near the capital including Roslin Glen

Scotland is a country full beautiful forests - as the seasons change, why not embrace the outdoors by exploring woodland trails near Edinburgh?

Scotland is home to plenty of beautiful landscapes, from historical architecture and ruins to lochs, munros, forests, and waterfalls.

And in Edinburgh, for both residents and visitors, there are plenty of ways to ensure you get your steps in.

But if you're craving something other than an urban sprawl, and you've already conquered Arthur's Seat, there are many spots near the city which are just waiting to be explored.

If you're close to Edinburgh, here are 13 woodland trails spotted around the Central Belt that we recommend.