Daring Brian’s bungee jump for Breast Cancer Awareness

Daredevil Brian Girvan, ambient section leader at Asda Falkirk, has literally taken the plunge - bungee jumping off a 142ft high bridge in Killicrankie to raise money for Tickled Pink.

Brian, aged 49, has been working on a bucket list before his 50th birthday, and was inspired to bungee jump off the bridge, for Tickled Pink, Asda’s breast cancer charity, which supports and raises funds for both Breast Cancer Now and CoppaFeel.

Brian, who has worked at Asda Falkirk for 18 years said: “As I’m turning 50 this year, I’ve started a bucket list of things I want to do before my birthday. I’ve been doing something new every month, and one of my friends actually bought me this bungee jump experience as a birthday present so I had to do it!

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“I was very nervous, it was an hour and a half drive away from me, but I had a group of friends and family with me, as well as some colleagues who came to support and watch. When you get there, you have to sign all these waivers and watch videos of other people doing it and I started to get really scared.

Bob Girvan and Irene RobertsonBob Girvan and Irene Robertson
Bob Girvan and Irene Robertson

“It’s not until you get up to the platform all harnessed up and look down at the water below you realise, I actually have to jump off this! My wee belly dropped! Next thing you hear a countdown, “3, 2, 1” and before you know it, you’re dangling and bouncing around out there.

“It was exhilarating and scary, but it felt great after I’d done it. Not great enough to make me want to do it again though!

“I had wanted to tick bungee jumping off my bucket list for a while and raise money for a good cause at the same time. It was our Community Champion Irene’s brilliant idea for me to fundraise for Tickled Pink, we’re at around £900 in donations at the minute through the JustGiving page and in store donations from colleagues and customers, which is incredible.”

Asda Falkirk Community Champion, Irene Robertson said: "It was a beautiful day, myself and about five colleagues travelled to Perthshire to support Brian. The bridge was over a river, it looked so high up from where we were standing at the bottom! We're all very proud of him, he was very courageous, and we’re all so thankful for the generous donations we’ve received so far for Tickled Pink."

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