King Charles's return to public duties a welcome sign after cancer diagnosis – Scotsman comment

Thanks to advances in modern medicine, it is possible to live with some types of cancer for a considerable time

The news that King Charles is to return to carrying out public royal duties will be welcomed by people up and down the country. A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said that “His Majesty’s medical team are very encouraged by the progress made so far and remain positive about the King’s continued recovery”.

While his diary of events will not be a full summer programme and there will be “adaptations made where necessary to minimise risk” to his recovery, it is a hopeful sign about his health. It is also a further indication that, while cancer remains a serious condition, advances in medicine mean that it is increasingly a disease which it is possible to live with for a considerable period.

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There are grounds for optimism that one day, eventually, cancer will become an entirely treatable condition. This may be some way off in the future, but it is a wonderful prospect to keep in mind as scientists work to make it a reality.

We wish King Charles all the very best and look forward to seeing him out and about once again.



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