Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Liz Truss's real reason for becoming Prime Minster just might have been revealed – Scotsman comment

Liz Truss’s 45-minute, sorry day, spell as Prime Minister was probably just about collecting material for a ludicrously funny Fringe performance

Mean people sometimes say politics is showbiz for ugly people. So when politicians started appearing at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, there were some raised eyebrows. How dare they intrude on the very place that some of them disparage as ‘La La Land’?

However LBC presenter Ian Dale, who plans to interview leading figures from Holyrood and Westminster at the Pleasance in August, has now stuck up for politicos right to be ‘platformed’ in this way, making a welcome break from arguments about whether people should be ‘no-platformed'. Among his guests is former Prime Minister Liz Truss (alleged to have once asked Nicola Sturgeon how she got into Vogue magazine).

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Suddenly, it all makes sense. When Truss decided she would have a go at running the country, she wasn’t actually planning to crash the economy and add hundreds of pounds to people’s monthly mortgage bills. No, her 45-day stint in 10 Downing Street was mainly about collecting material for her appearance at the Fringe. Sounds like comedy gold – until ‘deep state’ critics come along and ruin it all, of course.



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