General Election

General Election

Fishermen welcome EU deal to allow increased catches

Fishing quota talks have produced a “strong result” for Scotland’s fishermen, the Rural Economy secretary has said, as a new deal was struck in Brussels which will allow the fleet to catch more of several key stock, including cod and haddock.

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Brexit: Theresa May facing ‘real possibility’ of Withdrawal Bill defeat

Prime Minister Theresa May is facing the “real possibility” of Commons defeat on her flagship Brexit bill unless MPs are guaranteed a “meaningful vote” on leaving the EU, Tory rebels have warned.

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Scottish Secretary David Mundell. Picture: PA

Brexit: SNP ‘is blocking publication of Scots EU powers’

Plans to publish the full list of EU powers to be returned to Scotland after Brexit are being blocked by ministers at Holyrood, the Scottish Secretary has claimed.

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‘No way’ Scottish Government will say yes to Brexit bill without changes

There is “no way” for the Scottish Government will consent to Brexit legislation until UK ministers reveal it will be amended in order to address claims of a Brexit “power grab”.

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David Mundell has appealed for the devolved administrations to work with the UK government during Brexit talks. Picture: TSPL

Brexit: Holyrood ‘will get majority of returning powers’

Scottish Secretary David Mundell said he was confident that the “majority” of the 111 powers returning from Brussels, which the Scottish Government claims are vulnerable to a “power grab” at Westminster through the EU Withdrawal Bill, would be devolved to Holyrood.

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Brexit: Theresa May thinks it’s time for ‘new sense of optimism’

Theresa May will tell MPs she has stuck to her principles on Brexit following a last minute deal designed to let negotiations switch to trade issues.

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Brexit: Draft Nicola Sturgeon into trade talks, Theresa May told

Theresa May must bring the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales into the next phase of negotiations with the EU and commit to staying in the single market and customs union, the SNP’s leader at Westminster has said.

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Sturgeon shakes Ruth Davidsons hand after a head-to-head TV debate. They should be able to find common ground on Scotlands future relationship with Europe. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

Euan McColm: Nicola Sturgeon’s chance to forge lasting legacy

During the Brexit chaos that dominates our national agenda and continues to expose Theresa May as a prime minister of uncommon incompetence, Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed her status as one of the most skilled politicians anywhere in the United Kingdom.

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Nicola Sturgeon says ‘devil is in the detail’ in praising Brexit bill victory

Nicola Sturgeon has declared the “devil” will be in the detail as she praised Brexit negotiations finally moving to the second phase.

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David Davis faces calls to quit as he admits no Brexit analysis

David Davis is facing calls to quit after admitting that the government has no analysis of the economic impact of leaving the European single market and customs union.

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Brexit: Special Northern Ireland terms could have ‘unravelled’ the UK

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson has warned that special Brexit terms for Northern Ireland “could have unravelled the entire United Kingdom”.

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Brexit: SNP minister wants united Holyrood voice for single market bid

Scotland’s Brexit minister has called on rival parties to unite and “speak with one voice” in a bid to keep the UK in the single market as political turmoil continued over Britain’s departure from the European Union (EU).

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Brexit: Ruth Davidson warns PM against Northern Ireland deal

Ruth Davidson has deepened the uncertainty surrounding the proposed Brexit compromise over the Irish border by refusing to support anything that gives Northern Ireland 'special status'.

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DUP had role in collapse of Brexit deal - the question is what role?

Sam McBride, political editor of our sister title the Belfast Newsletter, examines the role of the DUP in the collapse of Northern Ireland’s Brexit deal.

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Scotland and Wales ‘can’t accept’ Brexit bill in current form

Scotland’s Brexit Secretary has said it is absolutely vital that the EU withdrawal Bill changes because the Scottish and Welsh governments cannot accept it as it stands.

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Spanish judge rules top Catalan leaders must remain in custody

A Spanish judge has ordered that four prominent members of the Catalan independence movement should remain in custody, including the deputy of the ousted regional government, who will campaign in a polarised regional election from a jail near Madrid.

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Nigel Farage to keep £73,000 EU pension billed to UK taxpayers

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has been accused of “appalling hypocrisy” for refusing to give up a £73,000 per year EU pension that is set to be paid for from the UK’s Brexit bill.

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Nicola Sturgeon: Limit Brexit damage with transition in single market

Scotland’s First Minister has called on the UK Government to negotiate a Brexit deal that “limits the damage as much as possible.”

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Alex Salmond was a strong supporter of the sector while in office. Picture: Scott Louden

Alex Salmond: Brexit will cause huge damage to Scots renewable energy

Brexit could bring “huge damage” to Scotland’s renewable energy industry, former first minister Alex Salmond has said.

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