Duncan Milne is a Trainee Solicitor with Blackadders @EmplawyerDunc

Duncan Milne: Taped talk can cost jobs and reputations

Covert recordings are topical at the moment. Boris Johnson was recorded with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds in their home under unpleasant circumstances. The debate that followed on Twitter was heated after Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson tweeted that the recording was harassment as it was politically motivated. The Secret Barrister stepped in to tell her it was not illegal and she was (his words, not mine) #lawyered. Covert recordings were also used against Donald Trump’s presidential election campaign in 2016 where he was recorded talking about how easy it was to pick up women with his fame.

Val Pitt is a Senior Associate of Horwich Farrelly in Glasgow.

Val Pitt: Award of damages to injured cyclists does not amount to a test case

Since the installation of the tram tracks in Edinburgh, it has been widely reported that the number of accidents involving cyclists has increased. Lady Wollfe recently decided the first cases to proceed to trial on this issue in Fairley and Lowdean against Edinburgh City Council et al. Damages were awarded to the injured pursuers. Does this now open the way for similar claims?

Jennifer Liddell is a Solicitor with BLM

Jennifer Liddell: The law on civil partnership is set to change across UK

This year, in response to a Supreme Court ruling, Westminster passed the Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc) Act 2019. Section 2 of that Act requires the Secretary of State to bring regulations into force by 31 December 2019 to allow different sex couples to form civil partnerships in England and Wales.

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