Assessing new SHOTY judge Danny Campbell's properties

Job title Architect and founder of [Glasgow-based] Hoko Design, and judge for Scotland’s Home of the Year, which returns with series six on Monday.

What inspired you to become an architect? Graphic communication was the only subject in school that I had any real aptitude for, so I was looking for a simple answer to what I wanted to be when I grew up. I loved design and so it made sense to study architecture.

How were you approached for the presenting job? It was an ex-employee of Hoko who joined the production team on Scotland’s Home of the Year and suggested that [the producers] approach me. But around the same time my mum told me that I’d be good on the show, so when the producer did get in touch, I had a horrible nagging feeling that my mum might have set it up. She hadn’t, thankfully!

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How have you found the judging process? The filming is all done for this new series and I loved it. Going into people’s homes is my comfort zone, and I really wanted to make a positive impact because I love the show.

Scotland's Home of the Year Danny Campbell. Image: Kirsty AndersonScotland's Home of the Year Danny Campbell. Image: Kirsty Anderson
Scotland's Home of the Year Danny Campbell. Image: Kirsty Anderson

I’ve learned so much from the other presenters, [interior designers Anna Campbell Jones and Banjo Beale], they are so knowledgeable and hilarious.

I think the programme is a real force for good, a positive thing we have in Scotland, and I know people love it.

Do you have a particular role in the process? I’m quite lucky in that I can stick to an architectural perspective – how the spaces flow together, the use of the environment, the opportunities and constraints homeowners have dealt with.

What are the most important aspects of an outstanding property? Architecturally, there needs to be a response to the site and the existing building. Private and public spaces need to flow well together and I look at the in-between places, such as corridors and stairs, and any creative work done there always sparks a chord with me.

Banjo Beale, Anna Campbell Jones and Danny Campbell, SHOTY Judges. Image: Kirsty AndersonBanjo Beale, Anna Campbell Jones and Danny Campbell, SHOTY Judges. Image: Kirsty Anderson
Banjo Beale, Anna Campbell Jones and Danny Campbell, SHOTY Judges. Image: Kirsty Anderson

But really it comes down to the personality of the home, we go in there not having met the owners, and if we are hit with a feeling of distinction and clear attention to detail that always goes a long way.

The winning home always has a combination of huge personality, creative flair, distinctive style and a really true sense of self. There were so many good quality homes we saw – people will have their own favourites too.

How has the public reaction been? I was recognised first on a Christmas night out, and I wanted the world to swallow me up, I felt so awkward. But the business has been developing well for the last few years so this has come at a good time.

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It is nice to have my voice heard and to be able to encourage people to think about what they could do to make changes – and hopefully show the whole process as being accessible to all.

What are you working on with your architectural practice? We have just started to offer project viability workshops to help people visualise what their work will look like and how much it will cost. They get a survey, a home consultation, and then they come into the studio and we give them an interactive 3D design session where we can change things.

Technology has moved on in what we are able to show clients, and prices have come down, so it is an affordable way t

​Born and raised I was actually born in Sunderland, but I was brought up in Garelochhead, near Helensburgh.

Education I completed my undergraduate degree at Glasgow School of Art and my masters at De Montford University in Leicester.

First job From primary school days, I was always working on a side hustle – such as car washing.

Family My wife, Melissa, has a PHD in psychology and works at Lenzie Academy [comprehensive in Glasgow]. We have three young sons, Teddy, Dougie, and D-Rex.

What do you do in your spare time? I spend a lot of time with the kids and the wider family, and I do crossfit and rugby to keep fit.

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Where do you live now? In Kirkintilloch, but we are moving next month. I bought a cottage flat which we totally renovated. The new house may turn into a project once we’ve settled in.

o start the process.

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