Brexit and EU Referendum

Labour needs to ‘show leadership over Brexit - Owen Smith

Labour needs to “show leadership” and warn about the risks of Brexit, Owen Smith said after being dismissed from “Eurosceptic” Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

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Cambridge Analytica ‘played no role in Brexit campaign’ says chief Leave campaigner

Cambridge Analytica pitched to work for Leave.EU ahead of the European Union referendum but was never hired, one of the Brexit campaign group’s leaders said.

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Brexit: Danes demand right to fish in UK waters under EU deal

Denmark will make fighting to retain its access to British fisheries a “high priority” in trade talks between the UK and EU, the country’s Prime Minister has said in remarks that will fuel the growing row over post-Brexit fishing rights.

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Voice of Remain voters in Scotland ‘muted’ ahead of Brexit

The voice of Remain voters in Scotland has been muted as political parties concentrate on protecting the devolution settlement or arguing for a soft Brexit, a think tank has warned.

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David Watt: 'fraught relations'.

Russia spat could hit Scottish tourism, say business leaders

Business leaders yesterday warned that rising tension with Russia would harm Scotland’s tourism trade and hit exports in the aftermath of Brexit.

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The Scottish Government's Continuity Bill is making its way through the Scottish Parliament. Picture: TSPL

Scottish Government’s Brexit Bill passes second stage

The Scottish Government’s emergency Brexit legislation has passed its second stage at Holyrood after 11 hours of scrutiny.

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Nicola Sturgeon opens door to Brexit powers deal

The differences between the UK and Scottish governments over post-Brexit powers “aren’t insignificant but are not insurmountable” Nicola Sturgeon has said following talks with Theresa May.

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Opposition accuse SNP ministers of ‘power grab’ in emergency Brexit bill

MSPs have forced through changes to the Scottish Government’s emergency Brexit legislation, as they accused ministers at Holyrood of attempting their own “power grab”.

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Brexit: Britain will be paying EU divorce bill until 2064

Britain will shell out £37.1 billion to settle its Brexit divorce bill, but the UK’s fiscal watchdog predicts payments to the EU will continue until 2064.

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Nicola Sturgeon expects no breakthrough in talks with Theresa May

Nicola Sturgeon last night said she expects the constitutional stalemate over the transfer of Brussels powers to continue today when she meets Prime Minister Theresa May.

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Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson suggested 'very minimal controls'

Government confirms it wants ‘no hard border’ in Ireland

Downing Street has insisted it wants “no hard border and no physical infrastructure” on the frontier between Northern Ireland and the Republic, after Boris Johnson suggested some “very minimal controls” would be acceptable.

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Jeremy Corbyn denies Labour blocking debate on single market

Jeremy Corbyn has denied any suggestion Labour is blocking debate after it emerged the party’s Scottish conference will not get the chance to vote on single market membership.

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Brexit: Constitutional crisis looms as UK Government set to ‘freeze Scottish powers’

A constitutional crisis is looming for the UK over Brexit after it was reported that Whitehall will move “no further” on its flagship legislation which involves freezing powers coming from Brussels post-Brexit so that common UK-wide frameworks can be agreed.

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Holyrood committee to begin scrutiny of emergency Brexit bill

MSPs will begin their scrutiny of the Scottish Government’s controversial Brexit Bill, which is being rushed through Holyrood.

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Brexit: Scotland-UK row a ‘single word away’ from being solved

The constitutional impasse between Holyrood and Westminster over Brexit is just a “single word” away from being resolved, Scotland’s Brexit Minister has said.

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Brexit: Kezia Dugdale launches EU single market campaign for UK

Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has formed a new campaign group in support of remaining in the EU single market.

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Nicola Sturgeon has insisted the controversial legislation is needed to "protect" devolution. Picture: PA

MSPs to decide if Scottish Brexit bill is emergency legislation

MSPs are expected to agree that the Scottish Government’s Brexit continuity Bill should be treated as emergency legislation.

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Nicola Sturgeon plans to bring in a Scottish Parliament continuity bill.

Scottish Brexit Bill ‘important’ to protect Holyrood - Nicola Sturgeon

Theresa May has dismissed Scottish Government plans to bring in their own Brexit continuity bill as “unnecessary” despite Nicola Sturgeon insisting the controversial legislation is needed to “protect” devolution.

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Michael Russell MSP gives the Scottish Parliament an update on the European Union Withdrawal Bill. Picture: Andrew Cowan/Scottish Parliament

7 questions surrounding the SNP’s alternative Brexit bill

The Scottish Government has published a Continuity Bill at Holyrood as an alternative to the UK Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill amid an ongoing dispute over how the Westminster legislation intersects with devolved competencies.

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UK ready for ‘no deal’ over Scotland’s post-Brexit powers

The row over post-Brexit powers for Scotland intensified after the UK Government sent the strongest signal yet that it is ready to push ahead with Brexit legislation if talks with devolved nations fail.

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