Brexit and EU Referendum

Rees-Mogg leads Brexiteer ambush as May’s plan revealed

Conservative Brexiteers have staged a parliamentary assault Theresa May’s Brexit plans, lodging wrecking amendments to the government’s Trade Bill in a bid to keep up the pressure on the Prime Minister.

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SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford. Picture: PA Wire

Ian Blackford: SNP would ‘relish’ another snap general election

The SNP is ready to fight another snap general election if Theresa May does not alter her Brexit plans, Ian Blackford said today.

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Nicola Sturgeon backs the UK's continued membership of the single market and customs union post-Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon: SNP will press for single market membership

Nicola Sturgeon has said SNP MPs will continue to push for the UK to retain close ties with the EU post-Brexit, claiming such a move would command greater support than Theresa May’s current plans.

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Boris Johnson at a meeting in Downing Street. Picture; PA

Theresa May to Boris Johnson ‘It is only right you should step down’

Theresa May has issued a reply to Boris Johnson’s resignation letter in which he was critical of the Prime Minister’s Brexit strategy.

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Member of the European Parliament and former leader of the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) Nigel Farage. Picture; Getty

Nigel Farage to consider return as UKIP leader over Brexit

Nigel Farage has said he is ready to seek another stint as Ukip leader if the Brexit process is not “back on track” by March next year.

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Boris Johnson resigns in government Brexit meltdown

Boris Johnson has resigned as Foreign Secretary over Theresa May's plans for Brexit, sending the government into one of the deepest crises in recent political history.

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David Davis resignation plunges government into crisis

Brexit Secretary David Davis has resigned in a crippling blow to Theresa May's government.

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Uncertainty over Brexit is adding to Scotlands' crisis in social care

Brexit uncertainty adding problems to Scotland’s care crisis

A cloud of uncertainty is hanging over adult social care and childcare providers and almost 10,000 EU nationals working for them, according to a major survey on staffing in the sector as Brexit looms.

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Brexit: UK’s new stance ‘won’t protect Scotland’, claims Mike Russell

Scotland will not be protected “in any real way from the damage of Brexit” in Theresa May’s new blueprint for the UK’s future relationship with the European Union, Constitutional Relations Secretary Mike Russell has warned.

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Campaigners at Millbank Tower react to Sunderland's result on the night of the EU referendum in June 2016. Picture: Jack Taylor/Getty

Euan McColm: Laws governing EU referendum proved meaningless

Without a criminal sanction or the threat of a re-run, Vote Leave can cock a snook at the Electoral Commission, says Euan McColm

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Theresa May speaks during a  cabinet meeting at Chequers, the Prime Minister's official country residence near Ellesborough in Buckinghamshire. Picture: PA

Theresa May: ‘I won’t let people down on Brexit’

Theresa May defended the Brexit deal struck at Chequers as Downing Street stepped up efforts to win Tory Eurosceptic support for the plan that will keep the UK closely tied to Brussels.

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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Picture: PA

Nicola Sturgeon: It’s ‘game on’ for keeping UK in single market

Nicola Sturgeon has declared it is “game on” for campaigners hoping to keep the UK in the single market and the customs union after Brexit, after the Cabinet signed up to plans which could keep the UK closely tied to Brussels.

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Mike Russell has said that Scotland must have a say

Scottish MSPs require vote on final outcome of Brexit says Mike Russell

Voters must be given a say on the final outcome of Brexit talks between Britain and the rest of the European Union, a senior member of the Scottish Government has said.

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Mike Russell outside the Cabinet Office in Whitehall following a Joint Ministerial Committee meeting yesterday. Picture: PA

Scotland Office fights plan to strike down devolved Brexit legislation

The Scotland Office is fighting “politically unacceptable” plans by UK Government lawyers to take the unprecedented step of forcing the repeal of Scottish Brexit legislation if they win a major Supreme Court ruling later this month.

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Theresa May told Brexit compromise is 'unworkable'

Theresa May told Brexit compromise is 'unworkable'

Theresa May will go into a crucial cabinet away-day at Chequers on Friday being warned by both sides of the Brexit debate that a compromise plan for trade with the EU is unworkable and will be rejected by Brussels.

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Lynne Marr

Lynne Marr: EU citizens need to carefully monitor Brexit developments

Free movement of people has never been far from the Brexit headlines and it is still a hot topic. In its latest e-communication to EU citizens in the UK, the government continues to insist that they don’t need to do anything now while we remain in the EU but many EU nationals naturally remain concerned about their rights and are keen to regularise their status as soon as possible.

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Bill Jamieson: How open is an open door policy for Brexit Scotland?

Bill Jamieson: How open is an open door policy for Brexit Scotland?

Immigration has been a deeply divisive issue in England for years. But in Scotland there is a marked difference. Scots as a whole tend not to see immigration – a prominent issue in the Brexit referendum campaign – as a cause for division and acrimony. Indeed, because of Scotland’s particular demographic circumstances, immigration is far more widely viewed as a necessity.

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Paris Gourtsoyannis: The key questions around immigration and Brexit

Paris Gourtsoyannis: The key questions around immigration and Brexit

When will we know what immigration policy is going to look like after Brexit?

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Theresa May faces fresh criticism from her own party over Brexit negotiations

Theresa May has been hit with fresh Conservative attacks on her leadership as she attempts to steer the UK through Brexit.

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‘Brexit is like appeasement of Nazis’, says Remain chief

Brexit has been compared by a leading Remain supporter to appeasement of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

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