Scottish Caves of Legend: 17 Beautiful caves in Scotland with fascinating stories

With inspiring glens, glistening lochs and wind-battered coastlines, caves usually don’t take centre stage when it comes to Scotland’s natural beauty but there are many incredible ones with rich heritage regardless.

Summer is here and for lovers of everything outdoorsy Scotland has you covered with its beautiful selection of munros, lochs, glens, birdwatching spots, waterfalls, lighthouses and monuments (to name a few!)

Recently, we ran a poll with our Scotsman readers asking for their choice of the most spectacular places to visit in Scotland for new tourists, and while their answers made for an exciting selection it was lacking one of the country’s most fascinating natural attractions; caves.

If you’re a nature enthusiast - or intereted in Scottish mythology - you’ll enjoy Scotland’s many diverse and breathtaking caves that are scattered from the lowlands to the highest peaks of the Scottish Highlands.

So, let’s crack into these seventeen Scottish caves, caverns and coves and explore their rich heritage while doing so. Disclaimer: Not every site on this list is accessible, check local authority websites for more details if you’re interested.

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