Best Birdwatching Spots in Scotland: 21 Places to see Scottish birds from Puffins to Eagles and Parakeets

If you’re avid about aviaries or just tired of being ‘cooped’ up in your house all the time then these birdwatching spots in Scotland are worth checking out.

Majestic glens and waterfalls, award-winning landscapes, free activities and world-famous tourist attractions including UNESCO World Heritage sites, you name it Scotland’s got it. This includes picturesque locations for birdwatching which, in light of COVID-19 lockdowns, is an activity that has seen a sharp rise in Scotland as we enjoy post-pandemic life.

Thousands ‘flock’ to Scotland for this very thing as the country boasts a breathtaking variety of ecosystems and landscapes that allow bird enthusiasts to enjoy diverse locations all scattered within a relatively small area. What’s more, the British Psychological Society tells us that “seeing and hearing birds can have a positive impact on our (mental) wellbeing.”

With both migratory and native birds on offer over glistening lochs, wind-battered cliffs and luscious forests, here are our twenty-one top picks for birdwatching spots in Scotland with help from the The Scottish Ornithologists' Club.

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