Spotify Instafest: How to get Spotify Festival Lineup, make your own music festival poster with Spotify

Instafest is the latest app for Spotify that turns your music tastes into stylish festival lineup posters based on your most listened to artists - here’s how to make your own.

The Instafest app lets you create your own music festival poster based on your Spotify listening habits.
The Instafest app lets you create your own music festival poster based on your Spotify listening habits.

You’ve heard about Spotify Wrapped or Spotify Icebergify earlier this year, but now there’s a new exciting app called Instafest. This app converts your listening habits on Spotify into festival lineup posters that aesthetically showcase your most listened to artists.

The graphics are a fun way to observe your own music tastes in a visually appealing way and to share that passion with others as they can easily be shared on social media like Twitter - it’s also easy to create, let’s get started.

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How to get a Spotify Festival Lineup?

Here’s how to get the Instafest app and use it to create festival lineups, these steps can be followed either by smartphone or your computer:

1. Open the Instafest app

2. Click the ‘Sign in with Spotify’ option

3. Enter your login details (or use a third party login service with Facebook or Google)

4. Click the ‘Agree’ button to consent to the T&C’s and allow the app access to your Spotify

5. Under the ‘customise’ option choose the lineup you want e.g., 4 weeks, 6 months, all time

6. Choose a background style, you have Mojave Dusk, LA Twilight and Malibu Sunrise

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7. (Optional) You can opt to hide your username from the festival image at the top

8. Click ‘Save and share’ to download the festival lineup so you can share it on social media

Remember, the six-month and all-time options will generate three-day festival lineups based on your music tastes but the four-week option only produces a single day lineup.

Instafest feels like an appetiser for the much anticipated Spotify Wrapped coming out soon which is a ‘deep dive’ into your listening habits over 2022. So if you’re feeling impatient for that then why not give creating your own dream festival lineup a try with Instafest?



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