What is the worst film of 2022? Where The Crawdads Sing review, Thor: Love and Thunder review and Minions reaction - The Scotsman film podcast

After four long weeks, The Scotsman film podcast, (Not) Everyone’s A Film Critic, returns to the review the latest cinema releases and choose our worst five films of the year, so far.

While Jazzy Jeff may have waxed lyrical about Summertime, he failed to acknowledge that it is often not the best time of the year for cinema goers, due to lack of releases.

However, with Minions, Thor: Love and Thunder and Where The Crawdads Sing all hitting UK cinemas over the past couple of weeks, our Scotsman film podcast team of myself and David Hepburn have returned from their long holidays to review what’s on the big screen.

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Are either of this week’s release worth going to see? Join us as we give you the lowdown on the month’s biggest cinematic releases – oh, and we also give you the lowdown on the five worst films released in 2022!

English actress Daisy Edgar-Jones arrives for the World premiere of "Where the Crawdads Sing" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. (Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

For those new to the show, our film vodcast is presented by our self confessed film fanatics, as we discuss which films we’ve seen this week, as we give our thoughts on what films are hot – or not, before picking apart our topic of the week.

And luckily for you viewers, this week is an another special episode, as we count down our WORST films in 2022 so far to celebrate the first six months of the year!

"Why do they keep making scientists the bad guys? They’re the best of us – and why so many locusts?”

In our last episode, we gave you the rundown of our top five films of the year, however, this week we come at with one of our favourite topics – BAD films. But which film will take mine and Dave’s title of the worst of 2022 so far? There are some controversial picks in there...trust us.

Before our countdown though, our attention turns to our weekly film reviews, with Where The Crawdads Sing and Minions given a full rundown.

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Based on the best selling novel by Delia Owens, ‘Crawdads’ follows a girl named Kya who was abandoned as a girl to raise herself in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina.

For years, rumours of the marsh girl haunt the town of Barkley Cove and isolate her from the community.

Drawn to two young men from town, she is taken in by them as friends. However, when one of them is found dead, Kya immediately becomes the main suspect. The film follows the court case as we find out if she did – or didn’t – commit the crime.

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Elsewhere, we dissect the latest Minions film, The Rise Of Gru.

One of the most popular animated franchises of all time, the latest film in the franchise has hordes a film-goers dress in full suits and making a racket, as the latest TikTok trend emerges – but is it any good? Let our Scotsman’s film nerds decide.

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There are plenty more 30+ minute episodes to dig into if you enjoy this week’s show, and we have included a small list of them below – feel free to binge listen at your will.

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It is another jam packed, light hearted episode, packed to the brim with a passion for cinema and we’d love it if you’d join us. Want us to discuss something in particular? Let us know.