32 of Scotland’s punniest business names starting with the iconic Florist Gump

Scots are famed for their witty humour, and if you’re ‘kilt-y’ of charge of enjoying Scottish puns then you’ll love these clever business names in Scotland.

Scots are known for their wordplay and even the English language in Scotland has plenty of everyday words with totally different meanings - including seemingly innocent ones like winch or tube.

As we merge comedic wordplay with our own languages like Scots to create hilarious outcomes, the pun-nacle of this wit can be found all over the businesses that you casually happen upon here.

For example, if you visited Scotland but didn’t get the chance to hunt Nessie in the Scottish Highlands then you needn't worry, who needs Loch Ness when you’ve got Wok Ness available in Edinburgh.

Indeed, there’s a pun for every kind of buyer in Scotland. So, here are 32 punny Scottish business names for you to enjoy.

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