40 Best everyday words with totally different meanings in Scotland from 'Winch' to 'Poke'

If you live in Scotland or have Scottish friends then you probably know the alternative (and often colourful) meanings to these everyday English words.

England is not too far away down South yet to English people Scotland can seem like a whole new world as the colourful expressions and diversity of accents could leave any newcomer scratching their head.

Interestingly, this isn’t just a case of ‘slang’ or Billy Connolly-esque accents as Scotland can be considered a multilingual country as official languages include Scots, Scottish Gaelic and of course English – all brought together with an array of beautiful accents and dialects.

If you’re from Scotland, or have lived here for a while, then you’ll know well that we have (somehow) developed our own language when it comes to using English – and so certain words don’t mean what the Collins Dictionary told you so when you’re around here.

To spare you opening up that dusty old book or using a translator, here are 40 everyday words and phrases with totally different meanings in Scotland.

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