Scotland’s Favourite Scottish Words: 40 well-loved Scottish words you should know, Scots language illustrated

Dae ye ken what Scotland’s favourite Scottish words are? If ye dinnae, then carry on reading to uncover 40 of the most well-loved ‘braw’ Scottish words that just hit differently in a way English never can.

Contrary to common belief, Scotland is actually a multilingual country and our colourful vocabularies back that up - from Gaelic to Scots and their many dialects, any formal English speaker is sure to think “what is happening here” at least once.

If that describes you then dinnae get yersel in a fankle (don’t worry) because we asked our Scotsman readers ‘what’s your favourite Scottish word’ and they gave some braw answers so you’ll ken just fine for next time.

In fact, tying in with ‘A Year of Conversation and the International Year of Indigenous Languages’ in 2019 the Scottish Book Trust organised a vote for ‘iconic Scots words’ as the dictionary differs that much to regular English.

But rest assured, Scots words like “ken” are not beyond your ken, nor are they ‘outwith’ it. So, here are 40 of the nation’s favourite Scottish words (and phrases) as voted by our Scotsman readers - gie it a swatch (check it out!)

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