Podcasts for Scotland Enthusiasts: 6 Recommended podcasts for lovers of all things Scottish

Recommendations for Scottish movies and locations come aplenty, but for those who want to appreciate our bonnie country while resting their eyes and legs, these podcasts are for you.

What makes Scotland such a beloved nation? Well, there’s lots to unpack. The award-winning scenery, the delicious cuisine, our heritage languages or indeed the influential Scots who have crafted a worldwide legacy - we could talk about Scotland all day.

That said, we all need our rest and in a sea of film recommendations and must-visit sites there’s nothing wrong with taking a break from it all. To get plugged in all you need are your ‘lugs’ in (Scots for ‘ear’) as these podcasts take us through the finer aspects of Scotland including its nature, mythology, music, food and vibrant culture.

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Here are of our own recommended podcasts that cover the finer aspects of Scotland which are accessible on Player FM who provide the following descriptions:

Nature News from RSPB Scotland

“Keep up to date with what's going on in nature. Hosts Stephen Magee and Kate Kirkwood will have the latest news on wildlife, policy and what's going on on RSPB Scotland's amazing reserves.”

Love Scotland

“Hosted by TV star, expert broadcaster and National Trust for Scotland president Jackie Bird, Love Scotland features big names, experts and enthusiasts from all walks of life. Each episode delves deep into the detail of Scotland’s history, its wildlife and its landscapes.”


“From the humble haggis supper to the finest single malt, Scotland's food and drink scene is as unique as the nation itself. Rosalind Erskine, The Scotsman's Food and Drink Editor, is joined by guests and experts to give you an insight into what's cooking in Scotland. If you like a good bit of scran, this is the podcast for you.”

Celtic Myths and Legends

“A podcast focused on the myths, legends and folkloric creatures of the 6 Celtic Nations; Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man.”

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music PodcastFoot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast
Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast

Foot Stompin Free Scottish Music Podcast

“Our regular free Scottish music podcast from Scotland featuring the very best of Gaelic, Scots, bagpipes, fiddle, harp music, Scottish bands, ceilidh bands, highland Scottish music, pipe band, traditional, folk and Celtic.”

OnFARM Scotland’s Rural PodcastOnFARM Scotland’s Rural Podcast
OnFARM Scotland’s Rural Podcast

OnFARM Scotland’s Rural Podcast

Food, farming and rural life from Scotland and beyond. OnFARM showcases rural enterprise, community, creativity, and so much more. We champion the producers, grafters, and innovators who put food on our tables and keep our countryside green and beautiful for all.”



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