Best Scottish Films: 21 of Scotland’s most-loved movies starting with Local Hero (1983)

Scotland has made its mark on the movie industry over the years and nurtured loyal fans, when we asked you what the best Scottish film of all time was you passionately dropped hundreds of answers.

Due to Scotland’s unique cultural heritage, somewhat dark history and award-winning landscapes, the country has featured prominently in the film industry.

In the mid-nineties alone, Braveheart and Trainspotting (huge triumphs for ‘Scottish cinema’) were released within one year of each other - demonstrating the massive potential for Scotland to punch above its weight on the world stage.

When we asked our Scotsman followers, ‘what’s the best Scottish film of all time’ their answers passionately poured in. A common answer was the 2008 movie ‘The Stone of Destiny’ – no doubt motivated by how the real stone of destiny featured at the coronation of King Charles III.

That said, here are 21 of the greatest Scottish films of all time as voted by Scotsman readers.