One in twenty children eat crisps for breakfast

More than one in twenty primary school children eat nothing but a bag of crisps for breakfast, a study has found.

Only 35 per cent of children never skip breakfast, a report has claimed.

The survey found 65 percent of parents admit that their child regularly skips the first meal of the day entirely.

A total of 42 per cent of parents have tried to talk to their children about the benefits of eating healthily, while 39 per cent have tried secretly blending vegetables into sauces. More than a quarter make the food into faces or shapes and 19 per cent have even pretended a vegetable wasn't a vegetable.

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Meanwhile, one in ten have tried reverse psychology and told their offspring that the vegetables are treats.

A Flora spokeswoman said: “We know mums and dads have a million and one things to think about – and providing children with a healthy and nutritious start to the day is a huge priority.

“We understand the daily struggles parents face to try and convince their little ones to enjoy a healthy meal when there are so many sugary and convenient treats available."

A further 63 per cent of parents have also caught their children hiding healthy food to pretend that they have eaten it, just over a quarter have caught their kids feeding food to the dog while 22 per cent have seen their child stashing food in bags.