Energy announcement: How standing charges for energy bills in Scotland compare to the rest of the UK

Many in the UK face the prospect of significant hikes in energy bills as the new price cap comes into place.

From October 1, many standing charges will go up as the cost of energy soars – but the basic price of energy is set to go up further for many due to an increase in standing charges.

Standing charges have always varied based on where you live, due to different costs to supply homes with power.

We take a look at standing charges and how they vary across the UK.

Standing charges have been revealed for energy in the UK

What is a standing charge?

A standing charge you pay at a fixed cost no matter how much energy you use to cover the cost of supply of gas and electric.

A unit rate is then added on top of said charge based on the energy you use.

Almost all consumer bills include a standing charge; a fixed daily payment covering the costs of supply and other levies.

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What are the standing charges for electricity from October 1, 2022?

We take a look at the standing charges across the UK, the previous charge under the current cap and the new cap, with Scotland’s in bold.

Scotland has one of the highest standing charges in the UK according to data on Money Saving Expert.

Standing charges for electricity in the UK

North West – Standing charge from 47.19p per day to 48.33p per day

Northern – Standing charge from 53.83p per day to 54.97p per day

Yorkshire – Standing charge from 53.44p per day to 54.58p per day

Northern Scotland – Standing charge from 54.96p per day to 56.10p per day

Southern – Standing charge from 48.33p per day to 49.48p per day

Southern Scotland – Standing charge from 54.56p per day to 55.70p per day

North Wales & Mersey – Standing charge from 52.50p per day to 53.64p per day

London – Standing charge from 37.14p per day to 38.28p per day

South East – Standing charge from 46.61p per day to 47.75p per day

Eastern – Standing charge from 42.89p per day to 44.03p per day

East Midlands – Standing charge from 49.68p per day to 50.83p per day

Midlands – Standing charge from 53.05p per day to 54.19p per day

Sothern Western – Standing charge from 56.52p per day to 57.67p per day

South Wales – Standing charge 53.07p per day to 54.21p per day

What is the new bill set to be?

Prime Minister Liz Truss will soon announce her “bold” plan to guard households and businesses against crippling costs while ramping up domestic energy supply.

The new premier is expected to tell MPs on Thursday that domestic bills will be frozen at around £2,500 as part of a package to ease the cost-of-living crunch.

The suggestion is it will be funded through borrowing, with Ms Truss rejecting the idea of applying a windfall tax on the bumper profits made by oil and gas companies to cover the cost – reported to be up to £150 billion.

Ahead of Thursday’s announcement, Ms Truss acknowledged families and businesses across the country are concerned about how they will “make ends meet” over the coming months.

She blamed rising global prices on Russian president Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine and “weaponisation” of gas supply in Europe.