Standing charges: Martin Lewis warns Britons will pay £273 on energy bills before they use any fuel

Martin Lewis has warned that Britons will pay £273 on annual energy bills before they use any fuel – with higher standing charges in Scotland meaning that bills will likely be more.

The Money Saving Expert issued the frank warning following news of the 80% price increase in the energy cap.

"The daily standing charges that you pay just for having a bill rose hugely in April, and increased a touch more this time.

"If you have both gas and electricity, the average price cap standing charge is £273/year before you use owt.

Martin Lewis appearing on the BBC1 current affairs programme, The Andrew Marr show.

"I have continually pushed back with Ofgem to try and get this changed, but with little success."

A standing charge you pay at a fixed cost no matter how much energy you use to cover the cost of supply of gas and electric.

A unit rate is then added on top of said charge based on the energy you use.

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In January, the average energy bill was £1,277 but has is expected to rise to £3,549.

Last week he warned that the energy cap and increase in cost could lead to deaths, telling Good Morning Britain: “I’m not going to get too hung up into what the specific solutions are at the moment, because actually this isn’t about the mechanics, this is about the will.

“I hope and I pray whomever our new prime minister is, they have the will to do something.

"Because, if they don’t, people will die this winter due to these energy price hikes.”