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Best true crime podcast: Here are the 20 most highly rated podcasts of 2021

True crime podcasts have become one of the most popular genres in the podcasting world, but which shows were downloaded the most over the past 12 months?

The year 2021 produced a whole new level of podcast popularity, as listeners continued to sink their teeth into their favourite podcast genres and most loved hosts.

And when it comes to true crime podcasts, an 81 per cent increase in demand means some of the newest, and best, podcasts in the world are focused on true crime tales from around the globe.

However, with such a strong list of true crime podcasts now available via various podcast platforms, you’d be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed with choice.

With fans of the genre desperate to know more about specific crimes, cults, conspiracies and cold cases, podcasts often offer an insight unable to be found elsewhere.

However, finding a series that is destined to keep you listening to episodes you didn’t even know you wanted to listen to can be taxing.

So, if you’re a true crime fan, MrQ saved you the hassle of finding that perfect pod by seeing which true crime podcasts are have been listened to most in 2021.

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