Where is Marta? is a 2021 Spanish true crime documentary miniseries about the murder of Marta del Castillo.

Best true crime on Netflix: 9 of the best new release documentaries out this November

Watched all the true crime Netflix has to offer? Don’t worry, Netflix is releasing a host of new true crime documentaries this November.

If you’re looking for a killer list of true crime documentaries to watch tonight, popular subscription service Netflix have one of the best selections around - you would be forgiven for not knowing where to begin.

Cults, conspiracies, cold cases, whatever your favourite is, the popularity of true crime can’t be denied and risen in the last five years. There’s no better place than Netflix for fans of the genre.

However, once you’ve binged through all the true crime you can take – what do you watch next?

Thank fully, you need not switch genres, as streaming service Netflix have uploaded a bunch of fascinating, chilling and interesting new true crime documentaries this November.

Here’s what’s to come on Netflix this month:

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