World Heritage Sites in Scotland: 6 Incredible Scottish world heritage sites and where to find them

There are currently 1,157 World Heritage Sites scattered around the world and 6 of them can be found in beautiful Scotland.

As Historic Environment Scotland tells us: “World Heritage Sites are cultural and/or natural sites of ‘Outstanding Universal Value’, which are important across countries and generations.”

Around the globe, some famous examples are the Taj Mahal, Galápagos Islands, or the Great Wall of China, but Scotland - despite being a much smaller country - still sits proudly on this distinguished list.

Scotland regularly features in famous films and TV shows due to its breathtaking natural beauty and dramatic scenery, this is why it even featured on National Geographic’s ‘Best of the World 2023’ list recently.

To discover the most revered Scottish locations, here are the 6 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Scotland and where you can find them.