Best Scottish Films of all Time: 19 of Scotland’s best movies according to our Scotsman readers

Scotland has certainly made its mark on the movie industry over the years and nurtured loyal fans along the way, when we asked you ‘What’s the best Scottish film of all time’ you passionately dropped hundreds of answers - here’s 19 of them.

Due to Scotland’s unique cultural heritage, occasionally dark history and some of the world’s most gorgeous landscapes (even voted ‘Best of the World 2023’ by National Geographic) the country has featured prominently across the film industry.

In the mid-nineties alone, Braveheart and Trainspotting (two huge triumphs for ‘Scottish cinema’) were released within one year of each other - demonstrating the massive potential for Scotland’s culture and cinema to punch above its weight on the world stage.

When we asked you, our Scotsman followers, ‘what’s the best Scottish film of all time’ your answers passionately poured in which inspired us to form this list that shows 19 of these best-of-all-time Scottish films.

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