Coastal Castles of Scotland: 15 Seaside strongholds along the rugged Scottish coast

Scattered along the dramatic Scottish coastline we find an array of incredible castles each with their own unique architecture and history just waiting to be discovered.

When it comes to ancient architecture Scotland is the place to be as you are never far away from a Scottish castle here given their massive abundance in a relatively small area. Likewise, the country is blessed with natural beauty galore and of the many stunning vistas we enjoy, lochs and other water features like waterfalls are among them.

Now, picture yourself in one of Scotland’s many seaside strongholds. The ancient history that underpins them is almost palpable in these clifftop castles and the ambience is complemented by the sound of waves crashing against the stoic shoreline below. Truly, it doesn’t get much better than that.

What’s more, if you are familiar with Scottish map reading, you will know that the names of these castles are anglicised from our great heritage languages of this land - most often Scottish Gaelic, specifically. Alone, they reveal much about the building and the Scots that chose to build these grand structures where they still stand today (some like Castle Sween dating back to as far as the 1100s.)

Many Scottish castles are found by the coastline as these locations conferred a strategic advantage to their inhabitants who sought to protect their home from invaders of other clans.

With all that said, here are fifteen of our favourite coastal castles in Scotland which are sure to take your breath away.