Scottish Castles and Clans: 17 Famous Castles and the Clans that occupied them

Scottish castles remind us of Scotland’s rich history, when these majestic settlements were at the heart of ruthless battles being fought by clans seeking to protect their land from invaders or conquer others.

Scotland has thousands of castles and strongholds (or ‘Clan seats of power’) that act as striking reminders of our country’s Clan history and how powerful it was in shaping the Scotland we live in even today.

Estimates show that Scotland has around 500 clans and historically they all had their own territories and castles and some like Clan Campbell, historically one of the most powerful Highland clans, had multiple settlements that can still be accessed today.

In appreciation of Scottish heritage and our country’s dark history, here are 17 famous castles in Scotland, the clans that historically occupied them and where they can be found.

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