Pokémon Go Community Day: When is the Pokémon Go December Community Day and how to take part

Get ready for the final Community Day of 2021.

Each month, Pokémon Go host Community Days.

For the final one of the year, Niantic has put together a bigger and better one than any of the previous eleven from 2021.

Here’s what’s in store for and when you can make the most of it in December.

When is the Pokémon Go December Community Day?

December's Community Day is scheduled to run from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time on both Saturday December 18th and Sunday December 19th.

What Pokémon will be featured for the Pokémon Go December Community Day?

As with all Community Days, some Pokémon will appear more frequently during the event.

This Community Day will last two days, twice as long as the usual monthly ones. Photo: Niantic.

Unlike other events though, to mark the last Community Day of the year, Pokémon Go is remembering all the featured Pokémon from 2021, rather than just one.

The following Pokémon will appear more frequently on Saturday December 18th:

- Machop

- Roselia

- Swablu

- Gible

- Snivy

- Fletchling

On the second day of the event, Sunday December 19th, the following Pokémon will appear more often:

- Eevee (which will also know Last Resort if caught during the event)

- Duskull

- Tepig

- Oshawott

You’ll be able to hatch the following Pokémon from 2 km Eggs during the event:

- Charmander

- Weedle

- Abra

- Gastly

- Rhyhorn

- Magikarp

- Porygon

- Elekid

- Magby

- Seedot

- Piplup

- Budew

Finally, the following Pokémon will appear in Raids during the Community Day event:

- Charmander

- Weedle

- Abra

- Gastly

- Rhyhorn

- Electabuzz

- Magmar

- Magikarp

- Porygon

- Seedot

- Piplup

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What exclusive moves are available during the Pokémon Go December Community Day?

If you evolve the following between Friday December 17th at 10am to Monday December 20th at 10am PST (2am GMT), you’ll have access to the corresponding exclusive moves:

- Charizard: Fast Attack Dragon Breath

- Beedrill: Charged Attack Drill Run

- Alakazam: Fast Attack Counter

- Machamp: Charged Attack Payback

- Gengar: Charged Attack Shadow Punch

- Gyarados: Charged Attack Aqua Tail

- Vaporeon: Charged Attack Scald

- Jolteon: Charged Attack Zap Cannon

- Flareon: Charged Attack Superpower

- Espeon: Charged Attack Shadow Ball

- Umbreon: Charged Attack Psychic

- Shiftry: Fast Attack Bullet Seed

- Altaria: Charged Attack Moonblast

- Empoleon: Charged Attack Hydro Cannon

- Luxray: Charged Attack Psychic Fangs

- Roserade: Fast Attack Bullet Seed/Fire-type Weather Ball

- Garchomp: Charged Attack Earth Power

- Rhyperior: Charged Attack Rock Wrecker

- Electivire: Charged Attack Flamethrower

- Magmortar: Charged Attack Thunderbolt

- Leafeon: Fast Attack Bullet Seed

- Glaceon: Charged Attack Water Pulse

- Porygon-Z: Charged Attack Tri Attack

- Dusknoir: Charged Attack Shadow Ball

- Serperior: Charged Attack Frenzy Plant

- Emboar: Charged Attack Blast Burn

- Samurott: Charged Attack Hydro Cannon

- Talonflame: Fast Attack Incinerate

- Sylveon: Charged Attack Psyshock

What special bonuses will be available on the Pokémon Go December Community Day?

As always, Niantic has some special bonuses lined up for trainers during the Event.

You can make the most of:

- Incense activated during the event lasting for three hours

- Eggs hatching after half the distance when placed in an Incubator during the Event

- Lure Modules activated during the event lasting for three hours

- 2x Catch Stardust

- 2x Catch XP

- 25% less Stardust cost for trades

- One extra special Trade per Event day

In addition, trainers who participate in the Community Day will be able to claim 30 Ultra Balls from the shop for free.

You can also purchase a special Community Day Box for 1,280 PokéCoins, including 50 Ultra Balls, six Star Pieces, an Elite Fast TM, and an Elite Charged TM.


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