The Nurse Netflix 2023: Is The Nurse Netflix series a true story, where is Pernille Kurzman now, who was the Danish nurse killer

A new Danish Netflix series which examines the case of rookie nurse Pernille Kurzman Lunden and her shocking discovery. Was The Nurse a true story – and who was the Danish Nurse Killer?
The Nurse launches on Netflix on April 27. Cr: NetflixThe Nurse launches on Netflix on April 27. Cr: Netflix
The Nurse launches on Netflix on April 27. Cr: Netflix

Netflix are no strangers to shocking true crime TV series and the recent launch of Danish crime drama The Nurse may be the most horrifying yet, with viewers instantly hooked on the story of the Danish killer nurse.

The series, which takes place in Southern Denmark tells the tale of two nurses at Nykøbing Falster Hospital – namely Pernille Kurzmann and Christina Aistrup Hansen – and a serious of mysterious deaths that happen at the hospital. The gobsmacking tale of how it all unravelled for one particular nurse and what the other sacrificed in order to stop her is sure to leave viewers gobsmacked.

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Here is everything you need to know about the Netflix series.

Is The Nurse Netflix series a true story?

While the series is obviously a dramatized version and played out by actors, the events in the show are 100% true to life after the director became intrigued by the story due to its shocking and, ultimately, heart-breaking nature.

The series is said to have been made not to show the crimes and the shocking nature of them, but just why how Hansen managed to continue to do what she had done over such a sustained period of time.

When the real life story broke, it was one that sent shockwaves through Denmark.

Who was the Danish killer nurse and what did What did Christina Aistrup Hansen do?

In the new Netflix series The Nurse, Christina Aistrup Hansen is one of the main characters the show is based around.

Christina Aistrup Hansen was charged with the murder of three patients and attempted manslaughter of another while working as a nurse at the Nykøbing Falster Hospital on June 2016 – a story which is told via Netflix series The Nurse.

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During her time at the hospital, she was reportedly seen as one of the top nurses, however, it appeared when she worked the night shift that things would spiral into chaos, with several of the patients almost dying although heroically, Hansen would always nurse them back to health which saw her admired by many of her colleagues and co-workers.

However, as detailed above, when co-worker Pernille Kurzmann became close friends with the nurse she began to unravel the shocking truths that led her to be placed in jail and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, this was changed to 12 years imprisonment when, in May 2017, she was convicted of a single jury trial by the Østre Landsret for three murders and was instead found guilty of attempted manslaughter in four cases. It was claimed ‘forensic and evidence-specific detail’ was the reason for the change in sentence.

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It was reported that she suffered from histrionic personality disorder after she was assessed by a forensic psychological evaluation. It was said that those who are diagnosed with this disorder are capable of going to extreme lengths for positive attention.

In the series, Hansen is played by Josephine Park. The real life Hansen is still serving her sentence in a Danish prison.

Where is Pernille Kurzman Lunden now

Credited with exposing the crimes of Hansen, Pernille Kurzman was a new nurse at the hospital who had struck up a friendship with the previously popular nurse as she settled into her new role at the hospital.

The series focuses on Kurzman as she begins she realise something is seriously wrong and go in search of uncovering the truth of the shocking crimes.

She had just completed her spell at nursing school and, as she was shy, had trouble befriending those who had been at the hospital for a long time until she made friends with Hansen.

After realising the chaos that ensured while she was on shift – including the death of some of her patients, Kurzman became the whistle blower that eventually stopped her in her tracks.

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Director of The Nurse Kasper Barfoed said of Kuzman that: “Many people suspected something or saw something — and yet it’s the new nurse, the one who’s in her first job who not only senses something is wrong, but who actually does something about it and risks everything.”

He added that he wanted “to be loyal to Pernille and the situation she was in. We wanted the audience to be able to feel how difficult this is. It’s not just pushing a button and then you’re a whistleblower.”