Burning Body Netflix: Is Burning Body a true story, what did Rosa Peral do, Rosa Peral's Tapes Netflix

Two new true crime documentaries are set for release on Netflix as Burning Body and then Rosa Peral's Tapes land on the streamer. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming documentaries and the crimes of Rosa Peral.

Rosa Peral's Tapes. C: NetflixRosa Peral's Tapes. C: Netflix
Rosa Peral's Tapes. C: Netflix

Netflix has long been seen as the world's biggest streaming service and much of it is thanks to the success of multiple true crime documentaries that have gripped viewers across the globe.

Each month, the platform will launch a series of new shocking true crime tales and this September is no difference with the gruesome tale of Rosa Peral, a police officer that was convicted of murder in a bizarre love triangle that has still has many in Spain looking for concrete answers.

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Convicted in 2017, Peral will give her first interview since her arrest exclusively on Netflix in Rosa Peral's Tapes while viewers will be tuning in across the globe as she opens up on one of Spain's most gruesome crimes, while a dramatisation of her in crimes titled Burning Body is also released.

Here is everything you need to know about Rosa Peral.

What is Rosa Peral's Tapes about, who is Rosa Peral

The brand new true crime documentary will feature the very first interview with the convicted murderer Rosa Peral, from behind bars and is said to see Peral break her silence on a crime that shocked Spain.

Directed by Manuel Perez and Carles Vidal Novellas, the documentary will focus on former Spanish police officer Rosa Peral, a police officer with Guàrdia Urbana that was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder.

Is Burning Body a true story, what did Rosa Peral do

Yes, Burning Body is a true crime story focuses on the shocking crime and love triangle between three police officers that ended in murder in the Spanish city of Barcelona.

Peral, who will give her first interview since her imprisonment on the Netflix documentary, was convicted of the murder of her of ex-boyfriend (and fellow Guàrdia Urbana police officer) Pedro Rodríguez after his burnt remains were found in his car, with reports the body was so badly burnt only the ashes were left of the victim.

With police instantly on the hunt to discover who was responsible for the killing of Rodríguez, police set their sights on ex-girlfriend Peral, who had dated Rodríguez between 2014 and 2016 until the pair split when Peral struck up another controversial romance with another Guardia Urbana officer by the name of Albert López.

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It is said both Peral and Rodríguez were involved in a big argument which was centred around her and her new partner Albert getting together behind his back. Following the murder of Rodríguez, both Peral and López blamed each other, though many had been seen eating lunch together on the day of the arrest.

This relationship led police to believe the pair were responsible for the murder of Rodríguez. In the days following the May 2017 crime, arrests were made, charges were filed against the pair and courtroom drama would begin. Peral claimed López had blackmailed her and told her he would kill her and her daughter, while López cited the body was already found in the car and, since the pair were an item, he agreed to help her burn the body.

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She would strongly deny all charges against her but the jury would find her guilty of all charges and was sentenced to 25 years behind bars. However, Peral still maintains her innocence and has since appealed her conviction and remains embroiled in a battle to prove her innocence.

When is Rosa Peral's Tapes and Burning Body released on Netflix

Netflix launched both Burning Body and Rosa Peral's Tapes on September 8. The true crime series are now able to stream.

You must have a subscription to Netflix in order to watch - you can purchase one here and prices begin at £4.99 per month.



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