Netflix | These 10 films are rated the best films about cults and cult leaders on Netflix. Credit: Netflix.

Best true crime documentaries on Netflix: 10 of the most highly rated documentaries on cults and cult leaders

Here are the 10 most shocking documentaries on cults and cult leaders - according to Rotten Tomatoes.

With a strong focus on true crime for a number of years, the streaming service has found oodles of success with documentary films such as Tiger King and Dahmer, both of which have received awards and critical acclaim.

However, when it comes to riveting documentaries, it is hard to look beyond the bizarre, and sometimes cruel world, of cults, religious cults and some demonic cult leaders who have shocked the world with their heinous crimes.

Perhaps it is no surprise to see that many of these figures and movements have been covered in depth by the world's leading streaming service but with such an abundance of choice - which is the best to watch on Netflix in 2023?

If, like us, you're struggling to choose then look at this list of the 10 highest rated documentaries about cults and cult leaders, as per highly respected film review site Rotten Tomatoes.