Great British Bake Off recap: 'Car crash' technical spells disaster during dessert week

During dessert week in the Bake Off tent, bakers ended up with a "car crash" of a technical challenge.

Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. Photo: Love ProductionsPaul Hollywood and Prue Leith. Photo: Love Productions
Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. Photo: Love Productions

After one of the worst technical challenges in Bake Off history, Dessert week didn’t prove to be the sweet treat the judges were hoping for.

Just ahead of the quarter final next week, bakers were tasked with creating creme caramels, steamed puddings and a meringue bombe showstopper.

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But with Paul quite literally attempting to walk out of the tent and comments such as “car crash” being thrown about, what went wrong?

Signature Bake: Creme caramels

The classic dessert was on the menu for bakers, with judges on the lookout for perfect wobbly results.

However, when it came to flavours contestants did get creative – Dan most of all, with his Thai green curry inspired creme caramel.

Not all the flavours were quite so unique however, with Tasha taking on a fig, honey and rosemary creme caramel which would be set with the honey.

Matty took on a chai creme caramel, which would be made using coconut milk, while Saku set out to make a mini watalappam, her mother’s favourite Sri Lankan dish.

Josh also took inspiration from his family, once again returning to his nan’s favourite flavours with his plum, cinnamon and orange flavoured dessert, with Cristy also using orange and cinnamon flavours for her creme caramel.

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It was a mad rush to the finish line for Matty, whose caramel failed twice before he was able to get his dessert in the oven, and other bakers each experienced their own tense moments as they attempted to turn out their creme caramels.

Dan’s unusual concoction impressed Paul and Prue, who enjoyed both the texture and the flavour of his dessert.

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Up next was Cristy who didn’t impress quite so much with her overcooked creme caramel, and while Tasha’s dessert was well set, it was a tad too sweet.

Saku was another baker who received a mixed response to her creme caramel, which was deemed too stodgy, while Josh also overbaked his dessert despite achieving delicious flavours as did Matty.

Technical Challenge: Orange and ginger treacle puddings

An interesting choice for a technical, Paul warned bakers that there were three distinct textures he would be looking for.

Chatting with Prue to explain his dessert choice, bakers were awarded a very narrow window of time to get their puddings ready – with Paul stating that they should be in the oven for at least forty minutes.

However, most bakers set their timers for twenty minutes – at most – with the puddings to be cooked in a bain-marie.

When pulling them out, most bakers came to the horrifying conclusion that they were raw - with only Dan and Tasha managing to achieve something edible.

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But at least the bakers seemed amused by it, with Noel joking “this is a car crash,” and another baker stating the judges would “need a straw”.

Unsurprisingly, Paul walked into the tent and tried to walk straight back out as he saw what lay on the gingham table.

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The rest of the bakers were judged on their creme anglaise and caramel sauce, but Dan came in second for texture while Tasha came in first since hers was “not as terrible, but still pretty terrible”.

Paul proceeded to express his disappointment, roasting the contestants while Prue said it was the worst thing she’d eaten in the tent.

Showstopper: Meringue bombe

After coming to the conclusion that they would have to dismiss the technical challenge, the showstopper arrived: a sharing sized meringue bombe.

After the previous week where his showstopper didn’t feel like a showstopper to the judges, Matty was going all out with his pistachio, strawberry and basil creation.

Dan was looking to create the world – chocolate genoise sponge inner crust included – while Josh took inspiration from Wimbledon, with his strawberries and cream creation.

Saku described her marzipan bumblebee meringue bombe, which included choux profiteroles, as did Tasha’s plum and ginger showstopper alongside Cristy’s mini croquembouche.

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While sitting to the side and watching the bakers, Prue said: “No talking about yesterday.”

Paul agreed, but not before saying: “It was bad though, wasn’t it?”

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The bakers had bigger things to focus on, however, with making sure their meringue creations came out of the moulds without cracking irreparably.

Saku faced issues, as did Tasha whose final cherry blossom adorned globe attempted to roll off the bench.

Up first for tasting was Josh, with his tennis meringue bombe which was praised for its flavour and overall look. Tasha was able to redeem herself with her showstopper, which managed to avoid being too sweet, while Matty’s “weird” dessert was mostly able to satisfy despite being somewhat messy and the flavours needing some adjustment.

Paul wasn’t happy with Saku when she presented her showstopper with its cracked base and flat choux pastry inside, comparing it to a cloche.

Dan’s dessert received high praise for its neatness inside and out along with its flavours, while Cristy’s was applauded for its appearance and meringue kisses around the outside of the bombe, while the inside was compared to a bomb going off on the inside with too much icing.

Honestly, toward the end of judging on this one it was fairly clear who would be going home this week.

Who was this week’s Star Baker?

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For the second time Dan was awarded Star Baker - though when he tried to call his wife and let her know, she didn't pick up.

Who left Bake Off?

Unfortunately it was Saku whose time in the Great British Bake Off tent came to an end after a disappointing week. Her sense of humour will be missed as the numbers narrow even further.



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