When is Spotify Wrapped 2021? Spotify Wrapped release date, how to get Spotify Wrapped and 2020 Wrapped stats

Spotify Wrapped reveals Spotify's stats on your most streamed artists, songs and the most listened to artists, songs and albums of 2021 – here’s when Spotify Wrapped will be released

Spotify Wrapped 2021 will see Spotify users flock to their apps to check out the stats on their most listened to songs, artists and how they rank among the stream counts for their favourite music artists.

With 381 million monthly active users, Spotify has become a part of daily life for music listeners and podcast lovers across the UK – with a plethora of different artists, playlists, podcasts and more available to listen to via the Spotify app or desktop platform.

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Each year since 2015, the giant streaming platform has offered individual users an insight into their listening habits, with a slew of stats on their most streamed artists, playlists, songs and more over the last 12 months.

And Spotify users are currently desperate to know when Spotify Wrapped 2021 will be released this year and when they can expect their annual round-up of Spotify listening stats and habits for this year. Here’s when Spotify Wrapped 2021 comes out, how to get Spotify Wrapped and which artists topped the Spotify stats summary in 2020.

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When is Spotify Wrapped 2021?

The platform is set to reveal its “deep dive into the artists, songs, and podcasts that defined your 2021” in early December, with Spotify basing its stats on users’ listening habits on data collected between 1 January and 31 October.

When is Spotify Wrapped 2021? Spotify Wrapped release date, how to get Spotify Wrapped and 2020 Wrapped stats (Image credit: Rouges Images/Canva Pro)

While the streaming site hasn’t officially yet confirmed a date when Spotify Wrapped 2021 will be released, it typically falls in the first week of December. Last year’s data insights were revealed on 2 December, while Spotify Wrapped 2019 fell on 5 December.

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The company recently took to their Twitter account to acknowledge the growing anticipation and hype around Spotify Wrapped 2021.

"We see all your tweets about Wrapped,” Spotify tweeted on 9 November, along with a side eyes and clock emoji to suggest that users wouldn’t have to wait too long to see their listening stats.

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Since then, Spotify has continued to tease the release of Spotify Wrapped 2021, tweeting “Let the countdown begin” on 23 November and letting social media users receive a reminder when their Spotify Wrapped data is ready when they liked the tweet.

More recently, the music streaming service tweeted, “anyone else nervous to see their #SpotifyWrapped?”, as users responded by asking when Spotify Wrapped 2021 will be released.

How can I get Spotify Wrapped 2021?

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With Spotify Wrapped set to be revealed to users early next month, individuals will be able to access the wrap-up of their yearly listening data in the Spotify app. Spotify app users can expect to be met with a dazzling display of stats and a slideshow charting their year in music, with Spotify Wrapped 2020 letting users share individual slides and infographics to social media apps like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

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The format and features of Spotify Wrapped have been changing slightly on a yearly basis, though, so users can likely expect to see their 2021 listening data displayed in a different and potentially more immersive way than last year.

To make sure you can see your Spotify Wrapped 2021 when it comes out, check that your smartphone is running the latest version of the app and has installed the latest Spotify updates. Once updated, if your Wrapped still isn’t appearing on the app’s home screen, try searching for ‘Wrapped’ like you would any other artist or song.

Users who don’t have Spotify can still browse the site’s annual streaming stats on its desktop site at www.spotify.com/us/wrapped/.

Who are Spotify’s most listened to artists of 2021 so far?

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While we await the results of Spotify Wrapped 2021, there are some hints already as to which artists were the most listened to and streamed on the platform this year. In August it was revealed that former teenage pop icon Justin Bieber had claimed the top streaming position on Spotify as the most streamed artist worldwide.

As of 12 November, Bieber has 82,595,624 monthly listeners on the streaming platform. Ed Sheeran, meanwhile, has 77,063,015 monthly listeners.

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While Adele soared to the top of Spotify’s highest weekly stream count in October following the release of her new single, Easy on Me, her 65,244,620 monthly listeners are less than that of Dua Lipa, who currently has an estimated 68,052,820 monthly listeners on the platform.

Who were the top artists in Spotify Wrapped 2020?

The most streamed artist worldwide last year on Spotify was Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny who, with his album YHLQMDLG claimed more than 8.3 billion streams from global Spotify listeners in 2020.

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Meanwhile, Billy Eilish claimed the spot of most streamed female artist on the platform for the second year running, beating Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Halsey to the top spot on Spotify Wrapped 2020.

Rapper Bad Bunny likewise held the top spot for most streamed albums globally in 2020’s wrap-up with his album YHLQMDLG, while The Weeknds’ After Hours, Post Malone’s Hollywood’s Bleeding, Harry Styles’ Fine Line and Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa took the subsequent spots.



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