Revealed: the most searched for children’s games this Christmas

Board games have surely had their day: how can they compete with on-screen thrills?

The doubters couldn’t be more wrong! Mousetrap is the most popular children’s game right now, with someone searching for this game more than once every minute in the UK.

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The biggest increase in folk searching board games is seen for that old family favourite - Operation with a whopping 124 percent increase.

This is according to exclusive data from educational resources supplier Hope Education on the 20 most Googled children’s games in the run-up to Christmas.

We asked education expert and former teacher Laura Steele from PlanBee what each of these games could add to a family Christmas and how they can help learning… the answers may surprise you.

“Many parents worry about how much screen time their children rack up. While there are a plethora of entertaining and educational on-screen games, they do not always offer the same advantages that sitting down as a family and playing a board game can bring.”

So, dig some old favourites out of the cupboard and you’ll find you’ve thrown a double-six!

Out of the 20 most searched for children’s games, 95 per cent are proven to enhance a child’s personal and social skills, while 85% are proven to improve their observation.

This is the top 10 in full: MousetrapSnakes & LaddersUnoScrabbleConnect 4LudoCluedoGuess WhoTwisterJenga