Hogmanay and New Year Scottish Weather Forecast 2023/24: What conditions revellers should expect in Scotland

Thousands will take to the streets of Edinburgh to celebrate the start of 2024.Thousands will take to the streets of Edinburgh to celebrate the start of 2024.
Thousands will take to the streets of Edinburgh to celebrate the start of 2024.
The weather has taken a turn for the worse, but how long can we expect the wind and rain to last for?

After much of Scotland enjoyed a sunny Boxing Day, storm Gerrit blew in on Wednesday morning bringing with it driving rain, strong winds and Met Office weather warnings.

It's led to anxiety for those hoping to spend the final hours of 2023 - and the first of 2024 - outside at traditional Hogmanay celebrations.

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Edinburgh in particular has a series of outdoor events in the city centre that will attract tens of thousands of Hogmanay partiers - with little in the way of shelter on offer.

So, if you're celebrating at the bells with Pulp in Princes Street Gardens, or just looking forward to a walk on New Year's Day, here's what you can expect.

What's the forecast for Hogmanay 2023 in Edinburgh?

The Met Office have reasonably good news for the thousands from around the globe heading for Scotland's capital for the traditional street party and concert in Princes Street Gardens.

By the weekend Storm Gerrit will have moved on and, while there's likely to be rain early on Hogmanay, it should stop by nightfall, with just a 13 per cent chance of wet weather at 4pm, dropping to 0 per cent by 7pm. By the time midnight arrives much of the sky will be clear, with the rain only returning a few hours later. Those clear skies will mean it's going to be chilly though, with the temperature unlikely to rise much above 3C, so wrap up warm.

What about the rest of Scotland?

The Central Belt of Scotland and the Borders can expect broadly similar Hogmanay weather to Edinburgh, with rain clearing throughout the day and only retunring in the early hours of New Year's Day.

Futher north there's slightly more chance of it being wet at the bells, although it will be slightly warmer - with Aberdeen likely to welcome in 2024 with a temperature of around 5C.

Meanwhile Dundee may even see a little sunshine during the day, with littel chance of rain after 2pm.

Heading to the Highlands there's unfortunately a forecast of rain for much of the evening heading into 2024, with a 60 per cent chance of damp weather at the turn of the year.

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What's the forecast for New Year's Day?

Much of Scotland is likely to experience a sunny and chilly New Year's Day. Any rain in the early hours is expected to clear by sunrise, with blue skies for much of the day and temperatures typically ranging from -1C to 5C.



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