Rishi Sunak gives press conference after tough PMQs over Supreme Court ruling Rwanda policy unlawful

It comes after the Home Office challenged a Court of Appeal ruling from June that overturned the High Court’s finding that Rwanda could be considered a “safe third country” for migrants.
Protesters outside the Royal Courts of JusticeProtesters outside the Royal Courts of Justice
Protesters outside the Royal Courts of Justice

The Supreme Court has ruled Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda policy is unlawful and would have endangered those being sent to the country.

It's a massive blow to the Prime Minister, and one that will only fuel anger from the Tory right, with Suella Braverman already claiming the Prime Minister has no “credible Plan B”.

It's followed by PMQs and then a vote on a ceasefire late tonight.

Good morning, and welcome to another feral day in Westminster. There's the Rwanda verdict at 10:00, a spicy PMQs at midday, then the prospect of Labour sackings over a vote on a ceasefire in Gaza. Put the kettle on, it's going to be a big one.

Going down swinging

Ministers this morning were in a buoyant mood after the UK Government met Rishi Sunak's pledge of halving inflation, now sitting at 4.6 per cent.

Remember, external factors are to blame when inflation goes up, when it comes down it's all because of the Prime Minister.

For more info, here's a helpful piece on how we got here, and what it means.

Inflation falling is good news for the Prime Minister, but widely regarded as the easiest of his five pledges to achieve, given it's largely outside the Government's hands, or so economists say.

It also prompts calls for tax cuts from his MPs, something Rishi Sunak absolutely isn't going to do. Here's Priti Patel giving the Prime Minister yet another headache.

After Suella Braverman was sacked and David Cameron brought in as Foreign Secretary, you may be wondering how angry Tory MPs on the right are.

Well fret not, some brilliant journalist has helpfully put together a list of who the fuming MPs are and what they've said. Enjoy!

Not every right-wing Tory is backing Suella Braverman, with Philip Davies claiming she had, in what isn't exactly parliamentary language, a "hissy fit".

He told GB News: “I think Suella has fallen victim, as some people do, which is when they get sacked, they can have a hissy fit about it and start thrashing around.

“I don't think it does her any credit at all and I say that as somebody who likes Suella, and who agrees with virtually everything. But this is not a very edifying letter to send.

 “All I would say is if Suella felt so strongly about all of these things, why didn’t she resign and send this letter.

“She was there clinging on to her job and this is now somebody who's basically bitter because she has been sacked".


If you missed the letter that's got Tory MPs so riled up, here's Suella Braverman's response to being sacked.

At three pages long, it is also in dire need of an edit.

Decisions decisions

Verdict expected within minutes. The Government were bullish months ago, but got less confident as the verdict moved closer. Big moment imminent.

Supreme Court currently making clear that this is not a political judgement, it is a legal decision that has been expedited because of public interest.

That said, they are taking their sweet time in announcing the verdict.


Unanimous decision, Supreme Court finds the Rwanda scheme is unlawful.

Massive, massive blow to Rishi Sunak.

How the verdict was made

Lord Reed, the President of the Supreme Court, said in a summary of the ruling that the five justices unanimously agreed with the Court of Appeal’s conclusion that the Rwanda policy was unlawful.

They argued the UK Government cannot guarantee that refugees would not be returned to their country of origin, which would break international and domestic law.



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