Nicola Sturgeon Resignation: 14 Quotes from political figures as Scotland said goodbye to the First Minister

After announcing her resignation as Scotland’s First Minister, responses towards Nicola Sturgeon varied with some praising her ‘strong leadership’ and others calling her ‘divisive’ and ‘dangerous’ to women’s rights.

Nicola Sturgeon unveiled her resignation as first minister and party leader of the Scottish National Party on February 15. After working under former SNP Leader Alex Salmond from 2004, she eventually rose to party leader by 2014.

Speaking of her resignation, Sturgeon said it was the right time to go and the decision was clear “in my head and heart” after finding the intensity of politics unbearable. Following the Gender Recognition Reform Bill which Sturgeon backed in order to ‘modernise gender recognition’, critics slammed her as it was denounced as an affront to women’s rights.

The Independent reports that she denied the gender identification row (and controversy of the incarceration of biological male rapists in women’s prison) was the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. That said, some rallied together to celebrate Sturgeon’s legacy like Lorraine Kelly who called her a “brilliant politician” or Anas Sarwar saying her work was “worthy of respect and thanks.”

What’s clear from responses is that Sturgeon has also sparked great controversy during her premiership as some responses reveal in the following fourteen quotes from political figures.