Jeremy Corbyn: No-deal Brexit will leave UK 'at the mercy' of Donald Trump

Jeremy Corbyn has warned that a no-deal Brexit would leave the UK "at the mercy" of Donald Trump and a one-sided trade deal in favour of the US.

Jeremy Corbyn was making a keynote speech in Salford today where he is holding a shadow cabinet meeting.
Jeremy Corbyn was making a keynote speech in Salford today where he is holding a shadow cabinet meeting.

In a speech today in Salford, the Labour leader accused Boris Johnson of having "pally enthusiasm" for the Trump Administration, which has faced international criticism for instigating a trade war with China and the EU.

Mr Corbyn added that the public would "not allow a phoney populist cabal in Downing Street, in hock to the vested interest of the rich, to deny them their democratic voice."

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It followed the Prime Minister’s refusal yesterday to confirm if his government would abide by, or ignore, legislation blocking a no-deal Brexit, as he prepares to meet Tory rebel MPs in a bid to stop them siding with the opposition.

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Opponents of a no-deal Brexit look set to try to wrest control of the parliamentary agenda when the Commons returns from recess this week in a bid to push through legislation delaying Brexit beyond October 31.

Mr Corbyn claimed that "a no-deal Brexit is really a Trump-deal Brexit” which would lead to “a one-sided United States trade deal that will put us at the mercy of Donald Trump and the biggest American corporations”.

He added: "The pally enthusiasm for our new Prime Minister only serves to underline that. In Boris Johnson, Trump has found a compliant British leader who dances to his tune.

"Unless we stop Johnson's government now, it is a headlong rush into the arms of Donald Trump. I am not prepared to stand by and allow our public services and protections to be handed over to US big business."

Mr Corbyn, on the need to stop a no-deal before a general election is called, said: "First we must come together to stop no-deal - this week could be our last chance.

"We are working with other parties to do everything necessary to pull our country back from the brink. Then we need a general election.

"When a government finds itself without a majority, the solution is not to undermine democracy - the solution is to let the people decide, and call a general election.

"A general election is the democratic way forward, to give the people the choice between two very different directions for our country."