Piers Morgan's Twitter account hacked - with host of offensive posts sent from account

Piers Morgan had his Twitter account hacked – with a series of offensive tweets being sent over the course an hour before the account was completely wiped.

Hackers changed 57-year-old Morgan's account name multiple times and used offensive language to rename it – as well as sending a string of offensive tweets that took aim at the monarchy, celebrities and other political issues with a host of expletive-laden posts.

Subsequent tweets from the hackers shared links to music on Amazon and hurled racist comments to celebrities as well as publishing further unsavoury messages.

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Piers Morgan was soon trending on the social platform following the hacking by a group identifying themselves as the 'chuckling squad'.

Piers Morgan had his Twitter account hackedPiers Morgan had his Twitter account hacked
Piers Morgan had his Twitter account hacked

Many expressed concern about how such a hack took place and the response time from Twitter to resolve the issue, which happened around 3am, while others interacted with the hacked account, requesting the release of Morgan's DMs.

On the subject of messages, the hacker claimed that there was "nothing interesting" and did not reveal any.

The hack also targeted other celebrities and caused chaos on the platform for about an hour before Twitter before the tweets were removed and a message stating 'This Tweet is unavailable' replaced the offending messages.

The presenter has been vocal in his support of Twitter CEO Musk taking over the social media site in recent weeks – but some concerns have been raised that hackers may have obtained the direct messages from Morgan, and that they could be released.

A thread discussing the tweets and whether or not direct messages would be released has been taken down on social sites such as 4Chan and Reddit.